Haze Meter

Product ID:PT122A

It is a kind of small hazer meter designed according to GB2410—80 and ASTM D1003—611997


Product Features 

It is applying to test the parallel plate or samples of plastic films.

Haze meter is applicable in all transparent and semitransparent parallel level material for testing transmittance and haze degree.

Compact structure and convenient operation


Product Application 

It is applying to test the optical performance of transparent and semitransparent parallel level material and plastic films. It is the basic instrument for plastic, glass products, all kinds of transparent packaging films, colored and colorless of organic glass and aerospace, automotive glass and photographic film.


Technology Standard

It accords with the standards of GB2410—80 and ASTM D1003—611997)


Product Parameters

1. Dimension of Sample Room: 50mm×50mm

2. Testing range:  transmittance: 0-100.0%; haze degree: 0-30.00% (absolute measurement),

3. Lamp-houses: C lamp-houses

4. Display Method: LCD

5 .Minimum transmittance degree reading: 0.1%

6. Accuracy:  transmittance: 1.5 %; haze degree: 0.5 %

7. Repeatability:  transmittance: 0.5 %; haze degree: 0.2 %

8 .Power:  AC 220V ± 22V 50 Hz ± 1Hz

9. Dimension: 470mmx270mmx160mmL × B × H

10. Net Weight: 7 kg


Product Configuration

Mainframe; operating manual; Certificate of quality; two sets of kits; A Power box.