Paper Air Permeability Tester

Product ID:PT121

Paper Air Permeability is applied to testing the moderate air permeability of paper.


Product features
Under the specified conditions, the average air flow of paper in unit area, within unit time and under unit pressure.


Product application
Applying in testing air permeability of different kinds of paper (not contain the rough surface paper), such as cement bag paper, sack kraft paper, cable paper, copy paper, filter paper and so on.


Technical standards
ISO1924/2-1985 <Paper and board – Determination of tensile properties - Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method (20mm/min)>
QB/T1667-98 < Paper and board – Tester of air presence>
GB/T458-1989 <Paper and board - Determination of air presence - Schopper method >

  Product parameters


Main fixtures
Mainframe, one operating manual