PC controlled tensile tester

Product ID: PT101-300

Main Product parameter
(I)Measurement parameters
 1 .The maximum test load: 300kN   (Can be matched with a sensor to extend the measuring range)
 2.Accuracy grade:  0.5
                   0.4%~100%FS(full range)
 3. Test force measurement range: indicating value within ±0.5%
4.Error of indication of test force:  Maximum test force ±1/300000
 5. Test force resolution: The whole is not divided into stalls, and the whole resolution
 6.Deformation measuring range: 0.2%~100%FS
 7.Error of indication of deformation: Indicating value within ±0.5%
 8. Deformation of the resolution.: The maximum deformation 1/200000
                                              The highest 1/300000
 9.Error of indication of displacement: indicating value within ±0.5%
10.Displacement  resolution: 0.025μm
(II)The control parameters
1.Force control rate adjustment range:0.005~5%FS/s
2.The force control rate control accuracy:  Rate<0.05%FS/s ,Within the set value of + 2%,
                                                            Rate ≥0.05%FS/s ,Within the set value of + 0.5%;
3.Deformation rate adjustment range:0.005~5%FS/s
4.The control precision of deformation rate:  Rate < 0.05%FS/s, within the set value of + 2%,
                                                             Rate ≥0.05%FS/s, Within the set value of + 0.5%
 5.Displacement rate adjustment range:0.001~500mm/min
 6.The control precision of the displacement rate: Rate<0.5mm/min, Within the set value of + 1%,
                                                              Rate ≥0.5mm/min, Within the set value of + 0.2%.
(III)Other parameters
 1.Effective width: 550mm
 2.Effective stretching stroke: 600mm(Can be customized according to user needs)
 3.Effective compression stroke: 600mm
 4.Overall dimensions (length * width * height):(1050×900×2400)mm
 5.Host weight: 1500Kg
 6.Power supply: 380V,50Hz,5kW