Product ID: PT102A

Stroboscope is also called the stroboscopic static imaging or tachometer. It can give short and intense flash of light.

Main Features:
Display the flash frequency every minute by digital tube.
Small size and light weight.
Soft light; long bulb use life.
Easy and convenient operation.

Product application
PT102 is applying in Packaging and printing industry to test the high-speed printing process, Ink color matching, die cutting, punching, folding, etc. In textile industry, it can test spindle speed and the loom weft, etc. Used in machinery manufacturing, it can diagnose all kinds of equipment, such as rotor, gear mesh, vibration equipment. It also can be used in mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive, chemical, optical, medical, shipbuilding and aviation industries.
Product standards
When we adjust the stroboscope flashing frequency to close or synchronize with the measured object’s rotation or movement speed, the measured object is moving at high speed, but it looks like slow motion or relative static .The phenomenon of persistence of vision makes it impossible to easily observe the surface quality of high-speed motion object and operation condition with naked eyes. The stroboscope flash speed is the speed of tested objects (e.g., motors). It can also be used to analyze the vibration, action of high speed moving object and high-speed photography, etc.

Technical parameter
Power: AC220V±10%,2A,60HZ; AC110V±10%,2A,60HZ; ≤40W
Range of Frequency: 50 times/min~2000 times/min (A type)
Light Condition: <10000Lux
Dimension: 210mm×125mm×126mm
Weight: 2.0KG

Main fixtures
Mainframe; Certificate of quality; Operating manual.