Inclined COF Tester

Product ID:PT138

Inclined Surface Coefficient Of Friction Tester is applied to testing the COF of film, paper, card board, sheet and so on.
By testing the material’s frictional properties, the open performance of packages, packaging speed of packers and other indexes could be controlled to meet the requirements for production.

Product features
1.Professional used to test the sample’s static coefficient of friction on inclined surface.
2.The plane is treated by specialized process, no magnetism, and reducing the error.
3.PVC operation panel and LCD display, to ensure the convenient of testing and observing.
4.Micro-computer system, to ensure the intelligent of the instrument. Very easy to operate.

Product Application
It is applicable in testing coefficient of friction of film, paper, card board, sheet and so on.
In packaging material industry and paper industry, lots kinds of samples can be tested, including PE, PP, PET, composite membrane, foil and so on.

Technical standard
ASTM D202 <Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Untreated Paper Used for Electrical Insulation>
ASTN D4918 <Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Static Friction of Uncoated Writing and Printing Paper by Use of the Inclined Plane Method>
TAPPI T815 < Coefficient of Static Friction (Slide Angle) of Packaging and Packaging Materials (Including Shipping Sack Papers, Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard) (Inclined Plane Method)>

Product parameter


Main fixtures
Standard: Main body, Micro-computer, 1300g sled.
Operational: 235g sled, 200g sled, or other customized sled.