X-ray Spectrometer

X-ray Spectrometer

EDX800 meets the demands of precious metal testing by virtue of its unique configuration, full-functional test software and user­friendly operation interface, makes test easier and simpler with its humanized design.

EDX800 Precious Metal Analyzer uses efficient proportional counter. With fair and reasonable price positioning, brand new and fashionable appearance, humanized and convenient operation, it fully meets the requirements of precious metal analysis and plating thickness measurement.


Application fields:

1. Content testing of precious metals Au, Pt, Ag and all kinds of ornaments

2. Measuring the thickness of metal plating, content of electroplating bath and plating

3. Mainly used in precious metal and ornament processing industries; banks, ornament sale and testing centers


Product strength:

1. Professional precious metal testing, plating thickness measurement Intelligent precious metal testing software

2. Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models Independent matrix effect correction models

3. Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure



Range of measurable elements: K to U

(Having excellent testing effect on Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Pb) Sample form: solid, liquid, powder

Detection limit: 1 ppm

Range of element content: lppm to 99.9% Repeatability: 0.1 %

Long-term reproducibility: 0.1%



Single sample chamber Proportional counter


High and low voltage power supplies X-ray tube