Handheld XRF Spectrometer

Handheld XRF Spectrometer
Model ID: Explorer 3000/5000/7000/9000

Application fields

In field online analysis of various elements during raw material inspection process control and finished product inspection, the identification of metallic materials reliability and alloy number, on-side detection of heavy metals in soil,in-situ multielement analysis in the wild,etc.



1.Small, easy to carry, it supports handheld test

2.It provides rapid and nondestructive detection, delivering results within seconds.

3.Introduction digital multi-channel technology to small X-ray spectrometer to provide better detection limit, higher stability and wider application


Light weight, small size, ergonomic handle design, equipped with a special instrument case, which is easier to grasp and more convenient to use in the field.

5 inch high-definition screen with 360 degree rotation, multiple points operating, can display clearly at any lights. 

> No need for sample preparation

> Instrument can run without helium by the ultra near optical path design, and can detector the light elements from the beginning of Mg that fully meets the needs of specific users



1) Large area beryllium-window silicon drift detector (SDD)

2) High efficiency x-ray tube

3) DMCA: Digital multi-channel analyzer 

4) Power and control system

5) Embedded PDA with built in GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

6) PDA version of XRF analytical software. PC and mobile phone software(Android) available.

7) 110V/220V universal adapter

8) 1 standard 9000mAh li-ion battery, 1 optional 27000mAh li-ion battery, 1× li-ion battery charger

9) Large-capacity TF storage card and adapter

10) Anti-shock, anti-pressure and water-proof carrying case with lock


Technical Data

1. Analysis method: EDXRF

2. Detector: 25mm2 , 0.3mil,SDD, good energy resolution down to 125eV

3. Excitation source: 50KV/200uA miniature Rh-target and end-window integrated X-ray tube

4. Elemental range: all elements from Mg to U (No helium purge needed for light metals)

5. Measurement time: 1-60 second

6. Element range: Mg-U

7. Sample type: solid, liquid, powder

8. Detection limits: down to ppm level

9. Concentration range: 1ppm~99.99%

10. Calibration method: Ag

11. CPU: 1G

12. Memory: 1G, support external extension of maximum 32G (standard configuration: 4G TF card)



1 Weight 1.9 Kg (with battery), 1.7Kg (without battery)

2 Dimensions 234mm(L) x 82mm(W) x 306mm(H)

3 Excitation Source X-ray tube (Ag or Rh target), max. 50kV/200uA

4 Detector SDD, 25 mm2, 0.3mil

5 OS Windows CE operating system in embedded PDA

6 Software Brand new FP and EC software

7 GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

8 Video HD CMOS camera. 5-million-pixel high resolution sample camera

9 Power Consumption DC9V  

12W Max (working)

8W Max (standby)

2W Max (sleep)

10 Power Source Rechargeable li-ion batteries, 9000mAH, 12 hours running

110V/220V Wide-voltage universal adapter for AC power

11 Charger DC charger: car charger

AC charger: 110/220V, 50/60HZ

12 Monitor Brand new 5-inch LCD touch screen, the resolution is 1080*720.

13  Collimator and Filter 4.0/2.0 mm-diameter collimator, 6 kinds of filter materials, 12 switchable combinations can meet measurement requirements on various samples

14 Data Transmission Digital multi-channel technology, SPI data transmission, quick analysis, high count rate, waterproof mini USB, support connections to PC and mobile phone

17 Safety Multiple safety protections, no tests, no radiation, radiation levels at work are far below the international safety standards, and has no sample telemetry, automatic shut X light tube function. Standard radiation shields, thickened wall alloy test instrument. When working, the maximum radiation <2.5μSv/hr.

18 Warnings The green light indicates the analyzer is on, while the blinking red light indicates the X-rays are on.


Application: Elemental analyzer

Alloy and Precious metal Gold analysis 



> Three- military- protection- box is compression, waterproof and shock absorption. Universal charger and car charger

>2 batteries

>Battery seat charge

>Memory card reader

>USB cable

>1 standard sample

>sample cup for powder and liquid sample.

>Test membrane 

> Handheld stand – Stationary base (optional)