Portable water heavy metal analyzer

Portable water heavy metal analyzer
Model ID: HM5000P

Multifunctional portable heavy metal analyzer

Application field

1.On-site application in urgent cases (for instance, on-site testing of water pollution)

2.Precise heavy metals detection in labs

3.Water quality monitoring of surface water, underground water,seawater,industrial wastewater,drinking water and other water

4.Heavy metals testing in soil,food,and other waste solids



1.The detection method of HM-5000P is the combination of stripping voltammetry and colorimetric method

2.Rapid testing:30s to 5min

3.Wide testing range:typical measuring ions include Cu,Cd,Pb,Zn,Hg,As,Cr,Ni,Mn,TI,etc.

4.High precision: at ppb level, detection limits less than 0.5ppb,Ip67 dust&waterproof design makes it work properly under severe environment

5.High-capacity lithium battery ensures over 100 times continuous measurement

6.The half-transflective technology applied in LCD makes it properly work even in the open field

7.It supports wireless printing, to print the history measurement results on-site (Bluetooth printer is optional)