Softness Tester

Product ID:PT119

Softness Tester is designed according modern idea and micro-computer control system. Adopting high quality elements and other parts, to ensure the good quality.PT119 Softness Tester imitate feeling of the hand, Chinese Display. It has the functions of a variety of parameters testing, conversion, adjustment, display, memory, printing, etc. 


Product features
1Adopt high precision force sensor to ensure the error is between ±1%, better than the standard requirement: ±3%.
Adopt stepping motor control system to ensure the precision and stability of measuring head. The repeatability is very good.
Human-friendly menu, automatically testing process, the data statistics and processing function, also the micro-printer, to ensure the convenient for the operator.
The result can be saved automatically, avoiding human factors.
Having the analysis function, including average value, standard deviation, maximum and minimum data.
Before starting the test, it will zero clearing automatically.
Equipped with RS232 port. 

Product application
Applying in testing the softness of high-grade toilet paper, tobacco sheet, non-woven fabrics, sanitary towel, Kleenex, film, textile, and scrim and so on. To evaluate the physical property of end product or semi-finished product.


Technical standards
GB/T8942 <Paper-Determination of softness>
ASTM D 2923-95 < Test Method for Rigidity of Polyolefin Film and Sheeting>
TAPPI T 498 cm-85 <Softness of Sanitary Tissues>
YC/T16 <Paper making method>
IST 90-3(95) <Standard non-woven fabrics - stiffness testing method - Handle-o-meter>


Product parameters


Main fixtures
Mainframe; A Power line; operating manual; Certificate of quality