Single Angle Gloss Meter

Product ID:PT118A

Gloss Meter is used for measuring the surface glossiness of plastic, pottery, paper, ink, wooden furniture, ceramic, marble, printing ink, aluminum alloy and aluminum oxide etc. It is especially convenient for the field testing when there is no power.

Product features
A small volume; light weight; real laptop; energy saving and effectiveness.

Product application


Product parameter
1. Measuring head: single angle (more measuring heads can be added)
2·Value range: 0-199.9 (GS) unit for gloss.
3·Accuracy: ±1 (GS), unit for gloss.
4.Stability: ≯0.5(GS)/30 minutes
5. Power: 220V/50Hz
6.Host size: 270mm×220mm×70mm
7. Measuring head×105×60
Main fixtures
Mainframe; operating manual; Certificate of quality