Standard Sample Cutter

Product ID: PT114A

Standard Sample Cutter is dedicated sampling devices for paper and paperboard physical performance testing. It can be used to cut a width of 15mm in a standard size sample. 


Product features

Advantages of the product include wide range of sample sizehigh sampling precision and easy operation, etc.


Product application

The cutter can be widely used in sample preparation for paper and cardboard tensile test, folding endurance test, short-range compression test and other projects. It is the ideal testing instrument for paper, package, inspection and scientific research department.


Technical standards

Standard Sample Cutter structural parameters and technical performance meets the standards of GB/T1671-2002 General technical conditions of paper and paperboard physical performance test punching sample appliances.


Product parameter

Items Parameter

Specimen width error 15mm±0.1mm

Specimen length 300mm

Cutting parallel <=0.1mm

Dimension 450mm ×400mm×140mm

Weight 15kg


Main fixtures

Mainframe; Certificate of quality