Binocular biological microscope

Product ID: BM-44X3A

Product Description:
This series microscope is your best choice for the laboratory researchers. Such series microscope is beautiful and durable. The built-in converter is easy to operate. And it persists the 90V-265V automatic power adjustment system. The Kohler light  flexibly equipped in the light microscope can give you a powerful lighting system. It is widely used in universities and laboratories.

Technical parameters:
1, Infinite flat objective: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100Xoil
2, High eye point Eyepiece: 10X  field: 20mm
3, Magnification: 40X-1000X
4, Four-hole converter
5, Viewing head angle: 30 degrees (360 degree rotation)
6, Interpupillary distance :55-75mm
7, Mechanical tube length: 160mm
8, Condenser numerical aperture: 1.25
9, Condenser focus range: 14mm
10, Filter diameter: 32mm
11, Coarse micro-focus mechanism:
    Focus range: 30mm
    Focus interval: 0.002mm
12, Mobile stage: 160mm * 145mm
    Lateral mobile range: 75m
    Vertical mobile range: 50mm
    Cursor intervals: 0.1mm
13, Halogen: 12V50W distal Kohler illumination
14, Illumination 1900LUX
15, Power: 110/220V, 90V-265V automatic power adjustment system

Complete set of instruments:
1, Infinite flat objective: one in 4X, 10X, 40X, 100Xoil: 
2, High eye point Eyepiece10X: one pair 
3, Filter : one piece in yellow, green, blue, white
4, Binocular eyepiece tube: 1
5, Plug type light source: 1
6,12 V50W (spare bulb): 1
7, Fir oil: 1 bottle
8, Mobile speciman folder: 1 piece
9, Manual: 1 share
10, Packing list: 1 share
11, Certificate: 1 share

Optional accessories:
20X, 60X Fat objectives, Eyepiece: 10X/23, Eyepiece with a ruler 0.1mm,
Dark viewing field device, Phase contrast device, Light polarizing device