Trinocular Biological microscope

Product ID: BM-44X3

Product profile: 
As for the laboratory researchers,this series of microscope are the best choice. Such microscopes are beautiful in appearance and durable. It is equipped with converter and easy to operate. It has 90V-265V automatic power adjustment system. Kohler light can be equipped in the microscope flexibly, which can bring to the user strong powerful lighting system. it is widely used in college and laboratory

Technical parameter
1. Infinitive plan achromatic objectives :4X10X20X40X100Xoil
2. High eye point eyepiece
:10X, vision field:30mm
3. Magnification:40X-1000X
4. Five-hole converter
5. Eyepiece tube obliquity : 30°(360°circumrotating)
6. Interpupillary distance : 55-75mm
7. Mechanical tube length
8. Condenser numerical aperture: 1.25
9. Condenser focusing range: 14mm
10. Filter diameter: 32mm
11. Coarse jiggle focusing mechanism
focus range: 30mm
jiggle range: 0.002mm
12. Mobile stage:160mm*145mm
     range of lateral movement : 75mm
    range of longitudinal movement : 50mm
    cursor range
13. Tungsten hologen lamp
:12V100W  Telecentric Kohler illumination
14. Illuminance 1900LUX
15. Power supply
:110/220V90V-265V automatic power adjustment system 
16. Adapter lens

Complete sets of the equipment
1. Infinitive plan achromatic objectives: 4X,10X,20X,40X,100X:each has one
2. High eye point eyepiece10X
:A couple
3. Filter
(yellow, green, blue, white):each has one
4. Trinocular tube
5. Adepter lens
6. Out board light source
7. 12V50W
(spare bulb): 1 
8. Cedar oil
9. Mobile specimen folder
10. Instruction book
11. Packing specification
12. Certification

Optional accessories
60X Plan objective; Eyepiece:10X/23; Eyepiece with a ruler 0.1mm; Dark field device; Phase contrast device; Polarizing appliance