Rotary Evaporator

2 litres Rotary Evaporator
2. LG-RE-2000 Vertical standard mouth

 Technical specification:

Performance: rotation speed: 20-200r/min.
Temperature adjusting range: water temperature, indoor temperature -90 degree;
oil temperature, indoor temperature -180degree.
Functions: temperature set and display: digital display
Rotation set:
rotary button type
Flask capacity:
Lifting device:
seasaw type push button, automatically lift and lower, travel distance 150mm
Constitution: Motor:
induction motor, output power: 40W
Heating device:
alluminium alloy teflon, for water bath and oil bath
Cooling device:
vertical type, double return integrated standard neck condenser, which is made of high temperature resistant quality glass through refined process, equipped with spherical neck collecting flask to accomplish the effect of quickly loading and unloading.
Test flask:
spherical flask (0.5L/1L/2L), mouth size 29
Recovery flask:
Standard flask (1L), mouth size 29
Seal circle: PTFE composite + fluoro-elastomer dual seal circle
Total Power/voltage: 1.5KW