Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator
LG-RE-2000 LG-XZ-5 LG-XZ-5A Characters

New product LG-RE-2000 vertical type spherical neck/ horizontal type spherical neck/vertical standard neck/ colde trap type spherical neck, LG-XZ-5, LG-XZ-5A the rotating evaporator has solved originally existed defects on the similar kinds of products, established new higher standards in the aspects of evaporation/stability/simpleness/safety, etc. Being widely applied in such process as liquid concentration, refining, separating, crystallization and the like in biochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and research field, it is the ideal equipment for chemical, medical, foodstuff, environmental industries and institutions of higher learning, scientific lab as well as mineral units.


1. core machine: adopt advanced transmission system, reasonable structure, high durability, more practical application.
2. intelligent temperature control: indoor temperature control range ~180
, applicable in both water and oil bath, more stable evaporation.
3. compact structure design in base, lifting device, water channel, etc.
4. stably ascend and descend: no noise
5. bath handle: very humanized design
6. sealing material: PTFE material, which through special industrial treatment, further enhanced its sealing, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion performance.


1----push button of regulating main machine
2----push button of stepless speed controller
3----Ring screw cap: it automatically fasten rotating flask in clockwise direction; and it automatically release rotating flask in anti-clockwise direction.
4----polytetrafluoroethylene tube and water tailgate ring
seasaw type push button: it separately control the ascending and descending of the main machine from the upper and bottom section.
6----Bath handle: convenient in charging water or oil.