Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator

Detailed introduction:



Temperature range

Temperature automatic control

Digital display

room temperature -180 degree

Water bath precision


Oil bath precision


Heating power


Automatic up and down


Rotate speed digital dispaly

20-200 r/min



Total power





LG-SY-2000 is a comprehensive oil bath and water bath dual rotary evaporator.

1. The whole design nice, reasonably compact, simple and convenient operation, precise temperature control and reliable performance.

2. The overall performance strong and durable.

3. The temperature range: room temperature -180 . Heating temperature is higher than the set temperature automatically stop heating.

4. The water bath small size and rapid warming.

5. Heating pot using Teflon composite pot, easy to clean.

6. The steam guide rail combines the advantages of rotary sealing system abroad.

7. The special designed steam conduit.

8. The vacuum sealing system consists of PTFE composite materials, long life, good sealing effect, processed by a special process technologies to enhance sealing.

9. Anti-corrosion and wear resistance, steam sealed tube with integrated design, to prevent cross-contamination, and extremely easy to disassembly and clean.



1. Water bath and oil bath dual, 4-liter capacity water bath can use 50ML-2000ML range forwarding bottles.

2. Machine Rocker plate buttons, speed automatic lifting.

3. Teflon water bath pot, transparent shield, insulation, energy saving, explosion-proof, splash-proof, rust-proof, anti-pollution.