Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator

Technical specification:

Performance: rotation speed: 20-200r/min.
Temperature adjusting range: water temperature, indoor temperature -90 degree. 

Functions: temperature set and display: digital display
Rotation set:
rotary button type
Flask capacity:
Lifting device:
seasaw type push button, Electric lift, travel distance 165mm
Constitution: Main parts
: alluminium alloy
induction motor, output power: 40W
Heating device:
alluminium alloy teflon,for water bath and oil bath, all closed heater
Cooling device:
vertical type, with the piston material-putting valve, running operation, quick collection            
Test flask:
round-shape flask (5L)
Recovery flask:
flask with valve (3L)
Seal circle:PTFE composite + fluoro-elastomer dual seal circle
Total Power/voltage: