Vacuum freeze dryer

Product ID:LGJ-10E


1. Adopt PLC programmable logic control system, which is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and environmentally friendly;

2. The control screen is a color touch screen with friendly human-computer interface. The display screen has the function of lock screen;

3. Display and record vacuum degree, cold trap temperature, material temperature and shelf temperature in real time and form freeze-drying curve, data stored every minute, continuous recording of material and equipment status data, support data offline browsing, analysis, printing and storage, configuration USB Data storage serial port;

4. It adopts imported closed compressor, single machine mixed environmental protection refrigeration technology, international standard green environmental protection cold coal, rapid cooling, low cold trap temperature and strong water capture capacity;

5. The cold trap cavity, material tray, material rack and the top contact surface of the fuselage are all made of 304 stainless steel. There is no coil in the cold trap cavity, which is smooth, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

6. The cold trap has the independent pre-freezing function of the previous sample, no need to be equipped with ultra-low temperature refrigerator and liquid nitrogen treatment.

7. With the compressor secondary start delay protection and pressure overload protection system.

8. Adopt anti-return oil vacuum pump, the main machine and the vacuum pump are connected by the national standard KF25 quick release flange.

9. The drying chamber adopts high-pressure and low-temperature-resistant aerospace acrylic material with high transparent door to observe the whole process of material freeze-drying change.

10. The freeze-drying process has automatic programmable program control, which can be switched to manual operation in real time to realize the whole process parameter control of the freeze-drying process.

11. The material shelf has program gradient electric heating function, special aviation heating film, PID fuzzy control calculation, built-in overheat protection, safer and more reliable.

12. With cold trap automatic frost function.


Technical indicators

Standard cold trap temperature (no-load): ≤-60 (ambient temperature ≤30)

Ultimate Cold Trap Temperature (no-load): ≤-65 (ambient temperature ≤25)

Maximum water catch: 3 Kg

Standard vacuum (no load): ≤5 Pa

Ultimate vacuum: 1 Pa

Cold trap cavity capacity: 13L

Material tray, freeze-dried quantity:

Normal type (bulk material): 4-layer material tray Φ180 mm, layer spacing 45mm, total freeze-dried area 0.1m2 (about 1L per processing), material barrel φ236mm×290mm

Top-press type(vials): 2-layer material tray Φ180 mm, layer spacing 64mm, 110 pcs of Φ 22mm Vials or 200 pcs of Φ 16mm Vials can be loaded, material barrel φ236mm×457mm

Shelf heating mode: electric heating (ultra-low temperature aviation heating film, built-in overheating protection)

Host dimensions (length x depth × height): 610mmx610mmx460mm (excluding drying chamber)

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ, total power: 1400W, net weight: 85KG 

Applicable environment: ambient temperature ≤ 30 ° C, machine running noise: ≤ 55dB



Multi-manifold hanging bottle device, freeze-dried bottle (eggplant bottle and wide mouth bottle), Ampoule tube freeze-drying rack

Imported vacuum pump, high-speed vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump vent oil mist filter, vacuum pump inlet dust filter, stainless steel two- layer trolley

Ampoule tube sealer and Vials capping machine

Eutectic Point tester, inert gas inflatable port