Automatic Extractor

Product ID: OT-SE-1K

Product introduction:

OT-SE-1K is mainly realizing the automatic extraction of water sample ,such as oil in the water, Volatile Penol, surface negative ion, etc.

The instrument can complete the automation of water samples extraction, just need operators prepare the sample and measure extraction agent, lead into the automatic extractor, sets the extraction time. Extraction apparatus can automatically complete the extraction of one water sample of 1000 ml and below 1000 ml.


Extraction method Basis

The extraction of oil in water conforms to national standard“HJ637-2012 water quality the determination of petroleum and animal and plant oil Infrared photometric method”

The extraction of volatile penol conforms to national standard“HJ503-2009 water quality the determination of volatile penol 4- aminoantipyrine spectrophotometric method”

The extraction of negative ion conforms to national standard “GB-7494-87 water quality the determination of negative ion surface activator methylene blue spectrophotometric method”


Technical index:



Samples quantity

5~1000ml or 5-500ml

Solvent sampling quantity


The highest concentration multiple

60 times

Extraction efficiency

 More than 95%

Extraction Time

35min/single sample

measurement accuracy

Error <±5 %

Main machine net weight


Working power

(220±22)V, (50±1)Hz,50VA

Temperature and humidity

Temperature range: 1-40, humidity90

Main machine external dimension




Main instrument characteristics:

1. The automation of extraction process: set extraction time, automatic extraction;

2. Can extract one water sample. 

3. Original , stereo type side stirring extraction system, not only improve the extraction efficiency, but also ensure the measurement accuracy.

4. The extraction system adopts completely anticorrosive and non-oleophylic PTFE material, and run cleaning process, furthest reducing the cross contamination of high and low concentration.

5. Equipped with ordinary magnesium silicate layer absorption column, can filter the animal and plant oil, measuring oil and animal and plant oil substances.

6. Completely suitable for automation liquid-liquid extraction of the water oil, volatile phenol, anionic, etc.

7. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost.