Rolling Mixer

Product ID: MIX-QB-228

>Mixing angle is adjustable. Horizontal position for small-amplitude mixing and vertical position for fully mixing.
>Mainframe has anti-spray platform with three optional accessories of tube racks applicable to sample tubes in different specifications.
>Applicable to handle suspension organism needing air exchange or blood sample.
>Digital rotating speed display, timer 0-120min/continuous with precise control. High repeatability and optimized experimental conditions.

Technical Information:

>Rolling speed: 10-80rpm
>Digital speed control
>Timing: 0~120 Min/Continuous 
>Overall dimensions: 230x250x300mm(Mainframe)
>Voltage:AC220V±10% (50/60Hz)

Optional accessories:

>Centrifuge tube rack (360° rotation):centrifuge tubes 1.5ml×52
>Centrifuge tube rack (360° rotation):centrifuge tubes 15ml×20
>Centrifuge tube rack (360° rotation):centrifuge tubes 50ml×12