Automatic Asphalt Softening Point Tester

Product ID:HW-SYD-2806F


  The instrument is designed and made as per GB/T4507 Standard Test Methods for Softening Point of Petroleum Asphalt of National Standard of People’s Republic of China, T0608 Asphalt Softening Point Test (Ring-and-Ball Apparatus) in the Industrial Standard of People’s Republic of China JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering and ASTM D36 Standard Test Method for Softening of Bitumen (Ring-and-Ball Apparatus). It is suitable to determine softening point of petroleum asphalt, coal pitch, liquid petroleum asphalt, and various asphalts. It can be widely used for asphalt manufacturing companies, highway and bridge construction companies, relative colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.


I.  Main technical features

1.  Small desktop structure.  Controlled by micro-computer.  Linear heating and automatic stir.  It shows the reliable test result.

2.  The beaker is made of high-temperature resistant glass.  The rings and balls all meet requirements of standard test methods.

3.  An automatic stirrer is equipped in the bath.  LED shows time and temperature.  It can test two samples at a time.  Easy to use.


II.  Main technical specifications

1.  Power supply: AC 220V (Allowable error-5%+10%), 50 Hz;

2.  Measurement range:


(1) Heating medium: 5 80 distilled water(softening point ≤80 )

(2) Heating medium: 32 160 glycerin (softening point 80 )

3.  Temperature resolution: 0. 1

4.  Heating rate: it will be adjusted to 5. 0±0. 5 / min automatically after three minutes