Powerful electric mixer

Product ID: SAM300S-P

Instrument introduction

SAM 300S-P laboratory mixer using a compact string-excited micro-motor drive for low to medium in the laboratory, mixing high-viscosity liquid mixing. The aircraft from the drive motor, speed controller and increase torque mechanism and other components. Mixing console with high-quality engineering plastics for the body, running stable; increased power output of the application of the shift mechanism, so that the output torque is multiplied; speed controller IC using constant power speed full speed detection technology, can effectively compensate for real-time load and supply voltage fluctuations caused by changes in speed. Required to run the experiment can be arbitrarily set speed, digital display and intuitive stirring speed to ensure data collection. Built-in soft start, automatic overload protection, full compensation for constant power characteristics.


Technical specifications

Rated   voltage

AC220 V

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz  

Input power

510 W

Output Power

300 W

Stirring shaft output torque

159.2 N.cm

Work mode

S1 (continuous)

Operation control

Combination control knob

Speed adjustment range

1001800 rpm

Speed control


Run   dynamic display

LED indicator

Speed dynamic   detection function


Speed memory function


Overload protection


Stirring bar fixing

Quick type clamp

Rpm Maximum torque chuck

159.0   N.cm

Stirring rod clamping range

Φ213 mm

Stirring rod standard configuration

fan   blade stirrer

Capacity (H2O)

5040000 ml

Suitable for maximum viscosity

100000   mPa.s

Permissible ambient temperature

No more   than 40

Permissible relative humidity

No more   than 80

Overall   size

215×310×720   mm

Total   weight

9.5 kg   (gross weight: 11.0 kg)