40 cans of Touchwin2.0 intelligent high throughput Microwave Digestion system

Product ID: MW-MD40

Main features:
1. Intelligent microwave chemical work platform can be used with different types of digestion tank implement different applications, with 40 high-throughput rotor and digestion tanks
 2. Original design thickening enhancement of special stainless-steel microwave resonator cavity, and volume of 66L, inner cavity spray PFA (modified PTFE) up to 5 layers, prevent the long-term corrosion of strong acid.
3. Dual magnetron resonance and dislocation arrangement designed to ensure uniform microwave oven cavity
4. Temperature/Pressure double measurement and control, Full tank infrared temperature test, full tank pressure monitoring to ensure the uniformity
5. Host and control systems split design, remote control can overcame the obstacle of operation personnel of high temperature and high pressure instrument in the mind
6. Large LCD touch screen: real-time display of pressure, temperature, time, power and temperature, time curve, at a glance; Users can call built-in application methods
7. Microwave Digestion can be used in ultra-high pressure, high throughput closed microwave digestion, closed organic solvent extraction, sealed organic synthesis reaction such as a high-precision process control requirements of microwave experiments