Bistable timing electrophoresis power supply

Product ID:DYY-8C, DYY-10C


Double   stable electrophoresis power supply

Computer   three constant multi-electrophoresis power supply


•   We adopt the microcomputer processor as the control center of DYY-8C; ON/OFF   switch. DYY-8C has the following strong points: small, light, high   output-power, stable functions;

•   The LCD can show you the following the same time: voltage, electric   current, pre-assigned time, etc.;

•   It has the warning function of timing;

•   It has the function of storing the operation parameters of last time;

•   It can work in the constant state of voltage, or in the constant state of   electric current, and it can be converted automatically according to the   pre-assigned parameters for different needs;

•   It has the protection function when it is under the circumstances of the   unloaded, overload, sudden load change and when it is beyond the limitation.

•   Parameters can be adjusted finely during the running

•   Output terminals: 2 pairs in parallel

•   The electrophoresis power supply is wholly controlled by microcomputer, big   LCD;

•   High-powered ON/OFF switch is the output core of the electrophoresis power   supply. High output power, high capability of load, high precision of the   control and the high stability of the function;

•   The states of constant voltage, constant electric current and constant power   can be converted into one another to ensure the safety;

•   It has the protection functions of over voltage, short circuit, overload,   sudden load change, unloaded, leaks electricity, etc.;

•   It has the function of memory for convenient use and programming with a   minimum of time and effort;

•   Parameters can be adjusted finely during the running;

•   Output terminals: 2 pairs in parallel;


•   Power requirement: A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz ±2%);

•   Input power: about 200 VA;

•   Output voltage: (5-600) V (Increase or decrease:1V/step);

•   Output current: (2-200) mA (Increase or decrease:1mA/step);

•   Output power: 120 W;

•   Stability: constant voltage ≤1%; constant current ≤2%;

•   Adjustment rate: constant voltage ≤2%; constant current ≤3%;

•   Size (W x D x H): 315 x 290 x 128 (mm);

•   Weight: about 5.0 KG

•   Power source: A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz±2%);

•   Input power: about 350 VA;

•   Output voltage: (10 - 3000) V, (Increase or decrease: 1V/step);

•   Output current: (3 - 300) mA, (Increase or decrease: 1mA/step);

•   Output power: (5 - 200) W, (Increase or decrease: 1W/step);

•   Size (W x D x H): 303 x 364 x 137 (mm);

•   Weight: about 7.5 KG.


Suitable   for conventional protein, DNA, RNA gel electrophoresis.

Suitable   for series of electrophoresis, including DNA sequence analysis, Thin layer   isoelectric focusing etc.