Microwave Therapeutic Machine



Ÿ   Power supply: AC 220 V±10%; 50 Hz±2% 

Ÿ   Magnetic tube: Controllable   

Ÿ   Frequency: 2450 MHZ±20 MHZ 

Ÿ   Output power: 0~99W 

Ÿ   Power consumed: <300W  

Ÿ   Temperature: 10-40 

Ÿ   Net weight: 15Kg 


Therapy Mechanism

When lesions are directly contacted with a specific microwave applicator, an electromagnetic field is created under a certain deepness of tissues. The energy produces a heat effect and a nonheat effect simultaneously, which can elevate the lesions’ temperature rapidly. Agglutinations of proteins around the stimulated tissues occur that can block the nutritional supply to the lesions. Subsequently the lesions become coagulated, atrophy and disconnected. In addition, local blood circulation is improved and is able to achieve an antiinflammatory and antipain response, respectively, which results in a decrease of muscular/tissue excitability and spastic actions. Thus, an effective treatment purpose is achieved. 


Range of Application 

Rehabilitation: Pelvinus inflammation, urethritis, coryza, oral sores, anal eczema, anal itch, different kinds of dermatoulcers, healing incisions, dermatitis, dermatomycosis, skin tinea, different sorts of naevus and verruca, gastritis, duodenal ulcers, diseases of cervical vertebra, arthritis, shoulder inflammations, ribcartilage inflammations, stiff neck, wrest injuries, strains and stresses of lumbar muscles, IVDDacute wrench of waists, back pain under cooling conditions, muscle pain, sciatica, tendonitis, rheumatism, arthritis, wrench of ankles, achillotendonitis, synovitis, appendicitis, colitis, paralysis of facial nerves, recovery of bone injuries. 


Operation: Please refer to the doctor’s instruction.