Portable Infrared Oil in Water Analyzer

Product ID: OT- EP6000

Meeting the standard: Conform to national standard“HJ637-2012 water quality the determination of petroleum and animal and plant oil Infrared photometric method”


Technical principle: According to HJ637-2012 standard, extract the oil material in the water using tetrachloromethane, and use oil/water separation membranes instead of anhydrous sodium sulfate to isolate impurities and moisture, separate out the solution of oil and carbon tetrachloride, measure the oil content of total extracts and content of animal and plant oil. The total extracts and the content of petroleum are calculated by absorbance A2930,A2960 and A3030 in the spectrum band ,wave number 2930cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in CH2 group ), 2960cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in CH3group), 3030cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in aromatic nucleus ).


Using department of instrument:

Environment monitor system, petrochemical, hydrology and water conservancy, water supply company, sewage treatment works, thermal power plant, iron and steel enterprise, teaching and research work in university, agricultural environmental monitoring, Railway environmental monitoring, automobile making, marine environmental monitoring, transport environment monitoring, environmental scientific researches, inspection room, used in laboratory.


Instrument application range:

The equipment is mainly used in the measurement of oil content in the surface water, groundwater, industry waste water.


Work structure principle:

OT-EP6000 portable fully automatically infrared oil analyzer is composed of host computer, operating software, infrared spectroscopic system and magnetic stirring extraction system, using extraction solvent (CCl4 or C2Cl4) in a certain proportion, extract oils in the water with the method of drum type stereo stir extraction technology, then after removing water and impurity lead the extracted solution to cuvette by filter unit. Next infrared spectroscopic system measure and analyze. If installed with specialized magnesium silicate filter device, it could measure the content of petroleum and animal and plant oil. After finishing measurement, automatically discharge waste and clean instrument pipeline. The whole process of automation, without operator contacting with carbon tetrachloride, that is automatic filling, automatic extraction, automatic water and impurity removal, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic liquid discharge and store data.


Technical index:


Technical parameters

Detection limit

DL<0.02mg/L (calculate 3 times standard deviation   measuring 11 times blank)

wave-number range


Absorbency range

0.00002.0000AU (transmittance 1001%T)

Water samples measurement range

0.001-10000mg/L(Dilution or enrichment of extraction   method)

Instrument measurement range



RSD1% (20-100mg/L Oil sample determined   11 times)

Measurement accuracy

<±2 %

Related coefficient


Water sampling volume

5ml--600ml or 5ml--1000ml


Main instrument characteristics:

1. Full automation: Pour the water sample into the extraction bottle, automatically be kept in constant volume into carbon tetrachloride, extraction, filtration, measuring, drainage, cleaning.

2. Integrated design: tiny instrument, simple structure, easy to carry, convenient for on-site emergency detection.

3.Healthy and safety: Don’t need the operator to participate in the extraction, without contacting with carbon tetrachloride, to ensure the healthy and safety of the operator.

4. With high extraction efficiency, with high efficiency and stable drum type magnetic stirring extraction technology, extraction rate is more than 95%.

5. With the core technology: equipped with imported oil/water separation membrane to filter, instead of anhydrous sodium sulfate, one membrane can be used for one hundred times.

6. Can upgrade to use reagents, such as tetrachloroethylene proceeding in full automatic extraction and detection, instead of great toxicity of carbon tetrachloride solution.

7. Adding magnesium silicate adsorption column can be upgraded to measure the mineral oil and animal and plant oil.

8. True three wave number, clear infrared three wave spectrum diagram, accuracy scale, could clearly display absorb spectrum diagram and absorbance produced by three wave numbers.

9. One key calibration: wavelength positioning, blank and standard oil sample automatically detect and correct.

10. One key accomplishment: Adjust blank and multiple water sample to detect can be completed by one key, convenient to operate.

11. The whole system adopts anti-acid and alkali, anti- carbon tetrachloride, completely anticorrosive and non-oleophylic material, run cleaning process, reducing the cross contamination.

12. Adopt the most stable and mature. NET4.0 platform green free installed oil analyzer software.