Food type desktop freeze dryer

Product ID:FD-03-R


1. Humanized design of the whole machine, plug and play, beautiful appearance, compact structure and high-cost performance.

2. The integrated design of the box trap, the sublimation channel is shorter, which is conducive to the rapid sublimation of a large amount of water vapor.

3. Original imported refrigeration compressor, with large refrigeration capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life and low noise.

4. Using aerospace-grade high-transmittance plexiglass door, the whole process of sample freeze-drying changes can be observed in real time.

5. The operation is simple and the degree of automation is high, and the whole process of freeze-drying can be completed with only one button.

6. Pre-set standard freeze-drying process, no need to deeply understand the tedious freeze-drying principle and freeze-drying process, one-click process introduction.

7. Intelligent fault diagnosis technology, which displays fault information in text form, which greatly facilitates equipment maintenance and fault repair.

8. Safety lock function. Prevent misoperation from modifying the system status and process parameters, causing freeze-drying failure or instrument damage.

9. The clapboard intelligent energy-saving temperature control technology has high temperature control accuracy, significant energy-saving effect, and the system is stable and reliable.

10. One-key quick defrost technology, safe and efficient.


Technical parameter:

Freeze-drying area: 0.4m2

Condenser temperature: ≤-45 (no load)

Water catching capacity: ≥4Kg/24h

Pump down rate: 2L/S

Ultimate vacuum: ≤10Pa (no load)

Number of partitions: 4+1

Partition size: 540*200mm

Space between partitions: 40-50mm

Fresh material processing capacity: 4-5L (liquid)

Power supply of the whole machine: AC220V, 50Hz

Whole machine power: 2kW

Dimensions: 510x700x670mm

Host weight: about 80Kg