Vacuum Aspiration

Vacuum Aspiration
Model ID: EcoVAC

ECOVAC offers a compact quiet, safe efficient, and an affordable solution for the aspiration, collection and subsequent disposal of biological liquid waste, suitable for various applications. It is equipped with a 2L liquid bottle as standard, and an optional 1L liquid bottle



Small and compact, it is fits on cabinet, bench and ground

The handle operation is simple and flexible. It is easy to switch between manual aspiration and continuous aspiration mode. reducing hand fatigue and improving efficiency.

The hydrophobic filter prevents aerosol and liquid contamination.

Brushless motor offers low noise and long life.

Different adapters are available to match a multitude of laboratory supplies

All parts that liquid flow can be autoclaved

Provides safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste



Vacuum range: 0-500mbar

Aspirating speed: 15/min(air)

Flow rate liquid:  17ml/s

Bottle: 2L Standard, 1L Optional

Motor type:  Brushless Motor

Input voltage: 100-220VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimension: 180x240x340mm

Weight: 2.8kg