Light transmittance haze tester

Light transmittance haze tester
Order No: AP- WGT-S

Technical parameters conform to the test standard, GB/T 2410-2008, ASTM D1003-2007, JIS K7105-81,etc.

Advantageous for technical exchange at home and abroad. Adopt parallel illumination, hemisphere scattering, integrating sphere photoelectric absorption mode, adopt micro computer automatic operation system and data process system, without rotary knob operation, easy to use, with standard USB interface. Automatically display the average value measured by light transmittance/ haze many times. Light transmittance results directly display to 0.1%, haze display to 0.01%, without zero drifting, confidence coefficient. Once specific structure starts, sample window almost isn’t limited from sample size, fast measuring speed. Because of adoption of modulator, instrument isn’t affected by the ambient light, don’t need to adopt darkroom, ensuring the safety of large sample manipulator.


Main technical parameter:

Measurement range: transmittance 0-100%

Haze: -0-99%

(0-30% absolute measurement)

(30.1-99% relative measurement)

Light source: Match C light source condition (color temperature 6774K)

Degree of accuracy: light transmittance ≤1%

Haze≤0.5%,  ≤±0.1%

Haze0.5%, ≤±0.3%

Repeatability: light transmittance 0.5%

            Haze≤0.5%, 0.05%


Output communication interface: USB

Power: 220V±22V ,50Hz±1 Hz

Instrument dimension: 740mm×270mm×330mm

Instrument net Weight: 21kg