Exhausting System

Exhausting System
Model: PT-S402

Exhaust System is an eco-friendly waste gas absorption device, has superior neutralization and adsorption performance, can neutralize the acidic mist and reaction gases coming from Kjeldahl analysis or other processes. With powerful imported pump, high pumping performance can be achieved. It’s widely used in such fields as food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical engineering, ecology, as well as universities and research institutes for the absorption of waste gases coming from chemical analysis or reactions of soil, feed, plants, seeds, minerals and so on.


1.      The anti-corrosion processed vacuum pump with low noisy, large suction, low waste gas exhausting and power saving function

2.      Unique efficient neutralization device expand the contact area between gas and solutions. It is available for acid gas neutralizing, absorbing, and letting the operating environment safety.

3.      The triangle filtration system including water filtration, alkali neutralizing and activated carbon filtration. It has perfect neutralizing and absorbing function, can neutralize acid mist and reacting gas which is generated from Kjeldahl processing or any other processing.

4.      PTFE anti-corrosion design of the pipe system enhance equipment’s life.

5.      Negative pressure is adjustable, let operating flexibly.