Intelligent digestion Instrument

Intelligent digestion Instrument
Model ID: 6B-12/6B-20

6B type of COD intelligent digestion instrument (heater) can achieve various chemical reactions such as COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metals and other chemical reactions that require heating process can be placed at the same time 6/9/12/20/25/56 The specifications are Φ16*160mm opening digestion tubes or Φ16*130mm sealed digestion tubes, which automatically control and time according to the digestion temperature and time set in the instrument memory.



According to the latest environmental protection industry standards of the state requirements carefully developed by the eighth generation of intelligent instrument, instrument shell adopts contemporary pop all the mold of the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant material designed, using digital big screen English language display LCD interface technology; Using heat conduction performance of the aluminum alloy material as the heating body, compared with other similar products Has quickly increase temperature more uniform temperature constant, the advantage of simple, stable and reliable operation. Widely used in the ring, medical, health, food, papermaking, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, metallurgical industries such as water quality testing.


-It uses English blue big LCD display

-It has independent 4 timing functional keys

-Preset built-in 6 commonly used heating digestion and timing working line

-It has functions of presetting and setting temperature/modifying and saving timing working curve

-It can automatically cut the protection when temperature control exceeds the limited temperature

-The shell adopts contemporary pop mould design, and its material can resist high resistance and corrosion


Technical specifications

Display mode

Display on English liquid crystal   blue screen

Sample number of digestions

 12 pieces/ batches

20 pieces/ batches

Timing range

1 ~ 199min

Temperature control accuracy


Timing error


Digestion mode

Digestion of totally-enclosed tube. It can used for   digesting COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total copper and hexavalent   chromium and so on

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature ~200°C

Operating environment temperature


Heating up time

Reach to the setting temperature   within 10min

Temperature/timing setting

To set digital through keyboard to   display minimum setting scope 1/1min

Working supply

AC/220V/50HZ / 460W

Product size

300x240x220 mm