Transparent vehicle teaching model

Transparent vehicle teaching model

1. Instructions

The model is used in universities and colleges, vocational schools, car driving training, automotive repair professional teaching purposes, a clear understanding of the sedan internal mechanical structure and function through the demo of this product, for the students to quickly grasp the structure and principle of the sedan, to raise their initial understanding of the car, it is the best teaching aids in the automotive school teaching aids.


2. Structure and characteristics

This product chooses the transparent organic glass production, and parts are more rigid plastic processing, the use of screw fixation in the metal high temperature baking paint in the frame. The total chengdu to die forming, instead of the past with glue adhesive method, make the product in the strong degree has greatly improved. Engine assembly, taking the electric power drive, throttle with speed control device, can demonstrate the discretion of the engine speed. Clutch obvious, control flexibility, clutch shell overall die and become, the gear transmission with all sorts of color, said control freely, the main reduction, differential and flexible rotation, wheel split die casting, engraved with non-slip grooved, look beautiful and easy. Steering device and battery, fuel tanks, water tanks, fine workmanship, rich luster. Brake line distribution clear, be clear at a glance. Circuit adopts the plugin and distribution, the former light stand and fan with transparent organic glass die into a whole, looks beautiful lifelike, instrument panel and fixtures are realistic strong. This product more than a simple characteristics is introduced.


3. Product specifications

(1) Dimensions: length 320cm × 125cm × height 130cm width (that is, 80% of physical production).

(2) This product is the total weight of 90kg (net weight).

(3) With 220V AC power, total power consumption does not exceed 200W.


4. Detailed installation instructions

(1) This product is three boxes of shipment: first open the wooden box and gently remove the shock inside, then pay attention to not use excessive force, in order to avoid damage to the assembly and its components. Out of the box, dust-proof nylon open after conclusion of the assembly and parts, if any dust with a damp cloth to wipe one by one on the pending installation of clean indoor.

(2) Frame and the installation of the support legs: first install the front and rear support legs.

(3) Engine clutch transmission assembly (drive part) of the installation, for packaging transportation reason, assembly of components are removed at the end, so must be handled with great care. Then, the assembly in frame front end, pay attention to light put, alignment screw hole, put on screws (6 x 60 mm) can screw up. Transmission control mechanism in addition into frame, and then place the operating mechanism of the cross shaft end set to transmission of variable speed pull shaft, and alignment screw hole.

 (4) Driving wheel installation: first the front wheel strands of assembly came near, and suspension, internal and external universal joint have been fixed, simply will drive shaft installation set of alignment screw hole tightening. Then put on steering arm pull rod ball screw. (5) After the bridge installed, rear axle assembly has become a whole, installed on both sides of the anchor, lift loaded shock absorber upper end of the nut, the parking brake cable connected cable Block with its packed in chassis rack, and hand brake lever assembly together, if the hand brake braking effect, adjust the tie rod nuts.

(6) with former lighthouse, water tank, battery and throttle lever to get the four screw holes of the front-end alignment on both sides of the transverse mounted tight, and then plug in the plugs, hang the wire of the throttle lever, mounted tight Rod platen.

(7) Install the circuit: The circuit schematic of the goods and some differences in actual Santana 2000, can only be powered with an external power supply (AC220V), with motor-driven part of the ignition part, lighting part, in which the motor part of the AC voltage regulator to adjust the input voltage of the motor (DC motor) into alternating current by the rectifier, thereby adjusting the rotational speed of the engine. Lighting part is a 9V current output by the transformer after the former lighthouse has headlights, fog lights, left and right turn signals, dimmer lights; after the lighthouse has taillights, turn lights, down lights and fog lights. Installation, as long as the alignment of each plug can be, if the bulb does not light replaced spare bulb (test installation is complete, the motor does not rotate clockwise, connect the positive and negative terminals of the plug can be reversed).

(8) Brake line: brake line in the basic frame without dismounting, just in the joint careful alignment connection. Cooling line is to use section grain soft tube of the new socket. Tank to the gasoline pump, to filter the line with plastic casing socket. Installation finishes.


5. Notes

(1) This product is made of plexiglass, firmness, and must be handled with care to avoid crushing.

(2) After installation must be kept clean, plus dust cloth, otherwise affect the appearance.

(3) Can not allow the participants to arbitrarily tamper, in order to avoid damage to the product. (Such as the steering wheel angle can not be too large, gearbox manipulation can not force a hard push, wheel hand can not be strong for rotation, etc.).

(4) Can not be in the hot sun exposure, otherwise the product will be deformed.