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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph
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Gas Chromatograph

Order Id: CH-GC-08L
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Instrument introduction
Series of CH-GC-08L gas chromatograph were developed on the basis of series of CH-GC-08.The structure and performance of CH-GC-08Lhas been improved greatly. Microcomputer control system and large English  LCD  are adopted to control and analyze . Built-in A/D converter which can output Chromatogram Signal directly is available for option. The instrument is stable, easy to operate and reliable. It applies in the petroleum, chemical industry, drugs manufacture, food, environmental protection, CDC, scientific research colleges and universities as well as the quality testing department widely.

• Original bus control platform; Modularization expand chromatograph system.
The accuracy of the transmission of various data is ensured and the reliability and stability of the instrument is enhanced through the bus control platform.
• High sensitive PC control system achieves the function of online monitoring perfectly
Optional revertive control system will achieve more functions.
• Classical design of liquid crystal large screen makes the setting of parameters simpler and more directly.
The adoption of a large LCD provides much more information .The user-friendly design of keyboard and operation interface ensures direct- viewing and easy operation.
• Reliable jamproof system; over- temperature protection function
It is improved on the basis of the six-way temperature control system and the zero crossing pulse triggering control system of  GC9790 gas chromatograph, so it is more reliable.
• Perfect self-diagnosis function makes the breakdown retrieval  no longer complex
Breakdown information will be fed back on time, which provides convenience for users to retrieve the breakdown and also ensures the easy maintenance of the instrument.

【Petrochemical Industry】
※Analysis of crude oil component ※Refinery gas, mine gas analysis ※Simulation distillation※Oils analysis ※Simple substance hydrocarbon analysis ※ sulfur compound and azotic compound analysis ※Gasoline dope analysis ※Aliphatic hydrocarbon analysis※Aromatic hydrocarbon analysis※chromatograph analysis of  technological process  (process monitoring, chemical intermediate analysis etc.)※Cosmetics analysis (methyl alcohol, cantharis, chlormethine etc.)
【Medicine Health】
※Analysis of  resolver remains in the medicine ※estriol ,pregnanediol,pregnanetriol,cholesterol analysis ※catecholamine metabolite analysis
※Analysis of ethyl alcohol, anesthetic, amino acid derivative, testicular hormone in blood ※Analysis  of certain volatile medicine ※ Analysis of borneol, camphor, menthol in medicine
【Environmental Monitoring】
※Air pollutant analysis (TVOC, sulfide, nitrogen oxide, NMTHC,formaldehyde etc)※Water analysis (multi-link aromatic hydrocarbon, pesticide residue, organic solvent, organic pollutant, sulfide etc)  ※Soil analysis (organic pollutant, solid waste analysis etc)  ※Permanent gas detection(water, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide etc)
【Food Sanitation】
※Fatty acid methyl ester analysis ※Pesticide residue analysis (organic chlorine, organophosphorus, chrysanthemum ester agricultural chemicals etc.)  ※Spice essence analysis ※Food additive analysis (benzoic acid, sweet element, total sulfur determination etc.)  ※analysis of volatile matter in food packing material (vinyl chloride, styrene, ethyl benzene etc)  ※Liquor analysis ※Analysis of nutrient in food (DHA, EPA,  unsaturated fatty acid, monosaccharide, Vitamin etc)
【Power Sector】
※Transformer oil analysis ※sulfur hexafluoride in insulating oil ,tetrafluoro-methane,air determination
【Education Scientific Research】
Teaching demonstration, student test, scientific research

Technical parameter
Temperature control parameter
Unique double air flue cold hot alternate system ensures warming and cooling speed.  The oven made of special material can preserve heat ,which ensures the stability of temperature control.
Temperature range :RT+6℃~399℃
Temperature fluctuation:upto±0.1℃
Temperature programming:8 steps


Max  operate temperature

Detection limit / Sensitivity



Dynamic linear range



≤5×10-12g/s[ N-C16]






≥[ N-C16]


















N≤1×10-12g/s[ azobenzene ]
P≤5×10-13g/s[ malathion]















Basic parameter
Dimension: 565×510 ×490「mm」(length×height×width)
Weight of the instrument :50Kg  The maximum consuming power:2500w
Power:220V±22V   50HZ±0.5HZ

Service Support
High quality research and application team will reply your service demand promptly. Helping users to develop analysis method of chromatograph and spectrum is free of charge and sample test is also provided.