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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph
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Gas Chromatograph

Order Id: CH-GC-07
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Instrument Introduction
The structure and performance of CH-GC-07 has been improved greatly. A new chromatograph system equipped with EPC and AFC technology is developed in response to the requirement of global GC technological development. Experience in producing international high-end gas chromatograph has also been introduced. Automation, intellectualization and multi- functionalization are realized on the prerequisite of ensuring the reliability and stability of the instrument..


Powerful control function
·All  parameters can communicate bi-directionally  through GC work station.
·Using powerful multi-CPU system to control correctly and stably.
·Adopting ARM9-32 micro chip .Memory is 64M .The system is capable of operating complicated graphics controlling function interface.
·8-way external event function supports multi-valve switch so that multidimensional chromatograph system is achievable.
·Automatic door open function makes ambient operation in the oven possible.

Highly sensitive PC control system & Reliable jamproof system & Perfect automatical operation
All parameters are transmitted by PC ; Remarkable automatic valve control and time programming; Automatic control ignition and automatic outfire function; Advanced autosampler system; Perfect data communication and processing function; Easy-learning operation; Simple optional autosampler,.All of these lead to the unattended GC analysis

Classical TFT large screen design makes the setting of parameter simple and intuitive.
Graphical display uses 8 inches 640×480 resolution TFT screens, which achieve the function of online monitoring and display of chromatograph elution curves perfectly..

Intellectualized self-diagnosis function makes breakdown retrieval simple
Prompt response to breakdown phenomenon, breakdown code and breakdown reason helps you to find and solve the problem as soon as possible and  guarantees the best condition of the  laboratory .

Remarkable Injection System, Realizing EPC and AFC technology through Capillary injection system
·Brand-new EPC and AFC technology; Digital control on all gas circuit parameter,; Stable flux and pressure precision ;  Programming pressure- rise chromatographic separation is applicable; Pressure precision is 0.0015psi; Retention time and peak area are highly repetitive.
·Many kinds of injectors and detectors solve difficult separation problem quickly. And it is convenient to choose. Split/splitless injection; Good linearity split; Discrimination phenomenon is rare; Quantity is accurate and saves the carrier gas.
Pressure control range:0~90psi                                             Operating mode:·constant pressure
Pressure control increment:Programming pressure-rise 0.09psi/min                  ·Programming pressure-rise
Pressure control accuracy:0.0015psi                                      Setting pressure accuracy:0.015psi   
Pressure programming repeatability:≤0.5%                          Pressure programming:8 steps
Flux control range:0~600ml/min                                             Operating mode:·Constant flow
Flux control increment:1ml/min                                   ·            Programming flux rise
Flux stability:≤0.1%
Electronic gas circuit control model :·Constant temperature constant pressure   ·Constant temperature constant flow
·Temperature programming +Pressure programming    ·Temperature programming + constant flow
·Temperature programming + Programming flux rise
High-performance injector system
·High performance split/splitless capillary column injection port is used to realize five -step temperature program.
·All injection port are equipped with self-synchronization starter to guarantee the repeatability of data analysis.
Autosampler with high accuracy
·The Automatic sampler will achieve the function of full automatic analysis with max 110 points sampling.
·Three sampling points can be set by PC for operation, which is easy and flexible.
·Injection vestigital≤0.05%, injection repeatability≤1%, around the injection flushing/air bubble takes out the number of times to be as most as  15 times.。

Analysis and Application
【Petroleum Chemical Industry】
※Crude oil component analysis ※Refinery gas, mine gas analysis ※Simulation distillation※Oils analysis ※Simple substance hydrocarbon analysis ※Including sulfur and azotic compound analysis ※Gasoline dope analysis ※Aliphatic hydrocarbon analysis※Aromatic hydrocarbon analysis※Technological process chromatograph analysis (process monitoring, chemical intermediate analysis etc.)※Cosmetics analysis (methyl alcohol, cantharis, chlormethine etc.)

【Medicine Health】
※resolver remains in the medicine analysis ※estriol 、pregnanediol、pregnanetriol、cholesterol analysis ※catecholamine metabolite analysis
※ethyl alcohol, anesthetic, amino acid derivative, testicular hormone In blood analysis ※Certain volatile medicine analysis ※borneol, camphor, menthol in medicine

【Environmental Monitoring】
※Air pollutant analysis (TVOC、sulfide、nitrogen oxide、non-methane total hydrocarbon、formaldehyde etc)※Water analysis (multi-link aromatic hydrocarbon, pesticide residue, organic solvent, organic pollutant, sulfide etc)  ※Soil analysis (organic pollutant, solid waste analysis etc)  ※Permanent gas detection(water, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide etc)

【Food Sanitation】
※Fatty acid methyl ester analysis ※Pesticide residue analysis (organic chlorine, organophosphorus, chrysanthemum ester agricultural chemicals etc.)  ※Spice essence analysis ※Food additive analysis (benzoic acid, sweet element, total sulfur determination etc.)  ※volatile matter in food packing material analysis (vinyl chloride、styrene、ethyl benzene etc)  ※Liquor analysis ※nutrients in food analysis (DHA、EPA、 unsaturated fatty acid, monosaccharide、Vitamin etc)

【Power Sector】
※Transformer oil analysis ※sulfur hexafluoride、 tetrafluoro-methane、 air determination in insulating oil analysis

【Education Scientific Research】
※Teaching demonstration、student test、scientific research

Technical Parameter
Column oven with good performance
Unique double air flue cold hot alternate system ensures warming and cooling speed.  The oven made of special material can preserve heat ,which ensures the stability of temperature control. The large volume design of the main oven can achieve the function of multi-dimensional chromatographic system. 

Temperature range:RT+5℃~420℃,increment 1℃
Negative warm operation:-80~420℃(liquid nitrogen);-50~420℃(dry ice)
Temperature stability::±0.05℃
Temperature programming:10 steps
Dropping temperature ratio:350~50℃≤5min


Max  operate temperature

Detection limit / Sensitivity



Dynamic linear range



≤2.5×10-12g/s[ N-C16]






≥[ N-C16]































Basic parameter
Dimension: 555×490 ×480「mm」(length×height×width)
Weight of the instrument :55Kg  The maximum consuming power:2500w
Power:220V±22V   50HZ±0.5HZ

Service Support
High quality research and application team will reply your service demand promptly. Helping users to develop analysis method of chromatograph and spectrum is free of charge and sample test is also provided.