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Oil and Gas Shows Evaluation Instrument
Oil and Gas Shows Evaluation Instrument
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Oil and Gas Shows Evaluation Instrument

Order Id: CH-GC-04
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Product Description:

The Oil and Gas Shows Evaluation Instrument is developed by combing the advantages of such instruments home and abroad. It integrates pyrolysis and residual into one, while its hardware and software gain more improvements, thus it is a new generation of oil and gas evaluation instrument newly developed by our company. 

Main features:

1.Integrating pyrolysis and residual carbon into one, the change from double cylinder into single one has taken place due to pyrolysis. By applying single cylinder for injection, it solves the problem of poor reproducibility of crucible sample location to achieve accurate measurement of Tmax value and improves coincidence accuracy of interpretation.

2.Sampling system is simplified.

It uses solenoid valve with two-position and five-pass to complete sampling. And also it uses sampling rod that is exactly the same with organic carbon rod and without installation of heating components and thermometric components inside the injection, therefore, the worry about leakage and damage on sampling rod can be avoided.  

3.Using a simple electrical actuator for the switch of organic carbon gas path 

It sets instruction by the program and makes the stepping motor to drive six-way valve for switching, which achieve the purposes of a simple, reliable and low-cost operation.

4.High integration of the functional circuit to greatly reduce the electrical connection. 

Only with two highly integrated circuit boards, without complex solid relay connection, replacing nickel catalyst and ignition wire without dismantling detector, the instrument is of simple connection, so it is easy to operate  even by non-professional maintenance personnel. 

5.The linear range and sensitivity has been greatly enhanced. 

Applying high-integration and high-precision micro-current amplifier, the signal value of the sample can be up to 2000mv, so that easy and convenient measurement of samples of S2 value is available. 

6.Temperature controller can conduct real-time display the actual temperature of pyrolysis furnace and other points.

Most of the ground-based instrument domestically made cannot display its actual temperature, but OG-2000 Ⅳ type oil and gas shows evaluation instrument can display the actual temperature of each temperature controlling point.

7.Forced cooling devices are added to multiplying cut the sample analysis time.

The whole pyrolysis and organic carbon cycle is only 14.5 minutes, largely accelerate the speed of sample analysis. 

8.The interpretation process software is upgraded. 

The special interpretation processing software can be used in Win98, Win2000, WinXP and other operating systems and with beautiful and friendly interface. At the same time, it increases new interpretation panels for oil and water layer division and water flooded layer evaluation.  

9.Samples of the host analysis can be output directly through USB interface; can be directly linked with various computers without any change. 

10.Using dual FID detectors with high sensitivity, of simple structure and low cost, easy to use, abandoning high cost TCD detector

Main technical parameters:

1. Detector (FID) micro-current amplifier

1.1 The minimum detectable amount of hydrocarbons: 0.001mg hydrocarbons / g rock 

1.2 Baseline drifting: <0.1mv/30min 

1.3 Linear range: 106 

2. Temperature controller 

2.1 FID temperature control accuracy: 360 ± 0.5 ℃

2.2 Pyrolysis furnace temperature control accuracy: 600 ± 0.5 ℃

2.3 Oxidation furnace temperature control accuracy: 600 ± 0.5 ℃

2.4 Pyrolysis temperature programming analysis cycle: 4 (source rocks, reservoir rocks, thermal simulation and user-defined cycle) 

2.5 Temperature programming linear infidelity: <0.5/min ℃