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Transformer Oil Gas Chromatography
Transformer Oil Gas Chromatography
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Transformer Oil Gas Chromatography

Order Id: CH-GC-10
Categories: Chromatography  Gas Chromatography 

Main features and correlation parameter:  

1. The large LCD in English displays the abundance intuitionistic contents, it is very convenient to set parameter. 
2. It is adopted with automatic micro-computer controlled spark device.
3. It adopts stable and reliable zeroing, which avoid the unstable situation of baseline caused by potentiometer zeroing.

4. It adopts doubled intelligent automatic cooling system which has the function of frequency conversion and opens the door from the back. Such system makes the operation under the room temperature come true.
5. The column compartment heating up itself in a tracking way particularly which can avoid the pollution to the detector caused by the previous warming up in the column compartment.   
6. It is functioned with gas cutting protection and can suggest the user in Chinese, which can protect TCD tungsten filament and chromatographic column from damage.

7. It can diagnose the breakdown by itself, present the reason in English and give an alarm at any moment.
8. Microcomputer controlled, keyboard setting, LCD displaying, on board memory.
9. The capability of the high performance detector and methanator can definitely meet the requirement of ministry of electricity’s gas component determination to transformer.
10. It adopts the system of First injection, Secondary column diversion; such kind system is fast in analyzing and good in reproducibility.
11. Doubled hydrogen flame designed, which can detect the  CO, CO2 characterized by low level of hydrocarbons and the high level of  hydrocarbons respectively and avoid mutual interference.
12. It adopts late-modeled column filler, doubled column-temperature process which advance the detect time of C2H2, improve the sensitivity and shorten the cycle time

Technical parameter and index:
1. Column compartment temperature: with a room temperature from 4 to 420; temperature control accuracy is ±0.1.
2. Testing room temperature: with a room temperature from 16 to 420; temperature control accuracy is ±0.1.
3. Reborner temperature: with a room temperature from 15 to 420; temperature control accuracy is ±0.1.
4. TCD sensitivity,minimum detectable concentration: H2<2ppm, O2<5ppm,  N2<10ppm
5. The range of detectable concentration for hydrocarbon such as FID methane、ethylene and acetylene is below 0.1ppm; for co and co2 is below 2ppm.
6. TCD sensitivity, S>

This instrument is a late-model gas chromatograph equipped with large LCD. It has the function of Power-down, Overheat, gas-cutting protection, can suggest the user in English and fifth-order temperature-programmed. This kind of  gas chromatograph  is equipped with two testing room-- FID , TCD and methanator. It is widely used in power sector, corporation that produce oil immersed electrical apparatus--- Transformer factory, wire cannula factory  and  enterprises-power plant, power supply bureau , other units for gas analyzing like chemical processing of coal and Bruckhausen. The high-effective gas chromatograph for exclusive use owns the most superior capability, the most convenient operation and the most sensitive detection.