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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph
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Gas Chromatograph

Order Id: CH-GC6891N
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Instrument Introduction

A brand new generation of high-end laboratory gas chromatograph --GC 6891N, the integration of the Nanjing Branch McNair innovative technology, based on the most advanced technology platform and decades of international industry technology experience, functionality, reliability and flexible application of and other aspects are the leading position in the industry.

GC 6891N has a reliable international procurement of components specially designed hardware integration and stable software. High-quality hardware, intelligent operation and data processing software can meet their repeatability and convenience in long-term measurement. Both in manufacturing precision and in technical performance aspects, there is subversive breakthrough.

Application: forensic analysis and detection of oil exploration and refining, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, food safety, environmental protection, electronic high-purity gas industry, legal medical experts of public security and national security and other areas.


Inlet flow rate, column carrier gas flow rate, detector gas flow rate, a full set of EPC control

Micro-channel manifold integrated board

All imported miniature proportional valve and flow / pressure sensors

Automatic temperature compensation to ensure accurate flow; precise pressure control to 0.01Psi

Networked data communication and remote control

Industry-leading detector design

Enlarge plate with special ceramic treatment, stabilized in the wet season 

Automatic ignition, hydrogen leakage automatic protection, safe and reliable

Advanced power distribution management shunts, a 3,000-watt UPS, can offer normally power supply 10 sets of 2250 W / set GC stable working power

Precise temperature control of the furnace temperature program

Furnace internal control accuracy is less than 0.01 ° C

Each internal point difference is not more than 1 ° C

Rapid heating and cooling, the maximum programmed heating speed: 120 ℃ / min; equilibration time 10 seconds; cooling time 300°C ~ 50°C, 6 minutes

Accuracy of absolute temperature control (between actual temperature and it the difference is less than 0.3C)

Accurate furnace temperature tracking design

Independent heating small oven

In multi-column chromatographic system, different column temperature can be set separately, so as to achieve optimum separation of each pillar

All imported valve configuration system

Up to carry eight valves (four-way valve, six-way valve, ten-way valve and liquid injection valve optional)

Automatic control, sequence run

Zero leakage purge technology

High-speed switching solenoid valve expectancy (one million times, 10mS)

High-speed switching solenoid valve expectancy (one million times, 10mS)

Easy realization of pneumatic cutting technology 

Multidimensional chromatography functions can be achieved for separation and analysis of complex samples

Columns blowback function can be achieved to save analysis time and cycle time