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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph
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Gas Chromatograph

Order Id: CH-GC-09
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Instrument Introduction:

CH-GC-09 gas chromatograph is a new generation of special gas chromatograph for power system made for the power industry , which adopts the most advanced microcomputer control system ,  large screen English display interface and the three-detector process recommended in the international standard GB/T17623-1998 Gas chromatography measuring method for gas component content dissolved In insulating oil and GB/T7252-2001Dissolved gas analysis In the transformer oil and the judgment guidelines .The advanced TCD enlargement technology improves the ability to detect hydrogen by 10 times; The high sensitive micro current amplifier improves the ability to test the hydrocarbon compound to the largest extent; The outstanding chromatographic column system ensures good chromatograph peak shape and the best separation; The  stable gas circuit control system  guarantees the accuracy and repeatability of analysis. In a word, CH-GC-09 gas chromatograph is the best choice for users of power industry.

1. The advanced TCD enlargement technology makes its ability to test hydrogen ten times stronger than the average detector.
2. High sensitive micro electric current enlargement technology improves the ability to exam the hydrocarbon compound to the largest extent.
3. Unique back pressure system design reduces the fluctuation of detection system greatly and improves the analysis ability.
4. Eight kinds of gas group can de analyzed automatically by one injection due to the adoption of three-detector process and dual column parallel connection.
5. The Advanced FLASH memory system frees the data protection from battery failure. .                         6. Online monitoring is done perfectly through the high sensitive PC control system.
7. The classical design of liquid crystal large screen makes the set of parameter simpler and more directly.
8. Breakdown retrieval is no longer complex because of the function of perfect self-diagnosis.
9. Reliable jamproof system and function of over- temperature protection.

Analysis and Application:
The sample flows into two chromatographic columns after injecting into the vaporizer. column I is GDX-502 Using  to separate the hydrocarbon compound which will be tested on hydrogen flame FID1;column II is TDX-01 using  to separate H2,CO, and CO2.First, H2 will be tested by TCD detector. Second, CO and CO2.after TCD will be transformed into CH4 through reburner. Finally, H2 and CH4 will be tested on hydrogen flame FID2.|

Technical parameter:

Temperature control range:
oven RT+6℃~400℃,( 1℃increment)
FID、TCD、Injector、Reburner  RT+8℃~400℃

Accuracy of control temperature:TCD±0.02℃ Oven、FID、Injector、Reburner±0.1℃
FID limit of detection:≤2×10-12g/s[N-C16]
TCD sensitivity:≥[N-C16]
Minimum detectable concentration:H2≤2ppm  CO、CO2≤2ppm  C2H2≤0.1ppm

Data processing system

Special Gas Chromatography workstation for Power system: WIN9X/XP operating environment, English interface and operation prompt, calculating the content of gas in the oil automatically.

Diagnose breakdown automatically: Providing three specific value diagnosis report  which conforms to analysis guidelines GB/T7252-2001 about dissolving gas  in transformer oil  , prompting  out –of –specification  results automatically, and supporting TD graphical representation, component density graphical representation etc.
GLP data management: Supporting Access database and providing convenience to manage and retrieve chromatograph data or other related information.

Basic parameter
Dimension: 565×510 ×490「mm」(length×height×width)
Weight of the instrument :51Kg  The maximum consuming power:2500w

Service Support
High quality research and application team will reply your service demand promptly. Helping users to develop analysis method of chromatograph and spectrum is out of charge and sample test is also provided.