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Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography
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Gas Chromatography

Order Id: CH-GC-01
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Gas Chromatography is widely used in power sector, corporation that produce oil immersed electrical apparatus-Transformer factory, wire cannula factory and enterprises-power plant, power supply bureau , other units for gas analyzing like chemical processing of coal and Bruckhausen. 

Main features:

1. Large LCD display in English, with abundant and intuitive content, convenient to set parameter.

2. It is adopted with automatic micro-computer controlled spark device.

3. It adopts stable and reliable zeroing, which avoid the unstable situation of baseline caused by potentiometer zeroing.

4. It has the function of eight-order temperature programming.

5. It adopts doubled intelligent automatic cooling system which has the function of frequency conversion and opens the door from the back. Such system makes the operation under the room temperature come true.

6. The column compartment heating up itself in a tracking way particularly which can avoid the pollution to the detector caused by the previous warming up in the column compartment. 

7. Three gas paths; can be equipped with three chromatography columns simultaneously and FID, TCD or any other detector, convenient to expand three kinds of detectors-ECD, FPD, NPD and external controlling equipment like gas injector and conversion furnace, etc.

8. Can be equipped with two packed column vaporization chamber and a separated capillary system with capillary split / non-split sampler and tail blowing system of excellent performance, which can be easily installed with small-bore and large-bore capillary columns as well as other packed columns.

9. Its single FID amplifier can be easily expanded to double one with their parameters controlled separately, one machine with multiple uses. 

10. It has the function of power-off protection, automatically recording and setting parameters and power supply jump resistance and stopwatch timer.

11. Over temperature protection; when the temperature exceeds the limit, it will automatically cut the power and trigger alarm. Either way of temperature exceeds, it will automatically stop heating and trigger alarm failure.

12. It has the function of expiration or leak protection and English display tips, which can maximize its protection on TCD tungsten and columns from damage. 

13. It has the function of self-diagnosis and can show the cause of the fault at any time and trigger alarm.


Technical parameters for temperature control:

1.Temperature control range: room temperature +8℃-420℃ 

2.Temperature control objects: column chamber, detector, TCD and injector

3.Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃ (within 200℃); ±0.2℃ (over 200℃)

4.Temperature programming: eight-order linear elevation

5.Elevation rate: 0.1-30℃/min  adding 0.1℃








Mf≤8×10 -12g/s(Benzene)

≤ 0.02mV

≤ 0.15mV/h


Platinum ignition wire,
alumina ceramic nozzle



≤ 0.02mV

≤ 0.15mV/h


Imported tungsten wire,
constant power supply


Mf≤1×10 -13g/ml(r-666)

≤ 0.02mV

≤ 0.15mV/h


Ni63 radio-
active sources


Mp≤2×10-11g/sec (1605)
Ms≤5×10-11g/sec (Thiophene)

≤ 0.02mV

≤ 0.15mV/h


Single flame design for residue analysis


Mf≤5×10-12g/s ( Azobenzene)
Mf≤5×10-12g/s (Malathion)

≤ 0.02mV

≤ 0.15mV/h


Imported rubidium bead for residue analysis

Notes: Dimension: 660*460*465mm  Weight: 60 kg  Power supply: AC 200V±10%  50HZ  2KW




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