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High Performance Liquid Chromatography(gradient)
High Performance Liquid Chromatography(gradient)
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High Performance Liquid Chromatography(gradient)

Order Id: CH-LC-4000
Categories: Chromatography  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 

Instrument Description:

UV Series Intelligent All-controlled Liquid Chromatography System consists of PT501 high-pressure constant-current pump and CH-LC-4000 UV detector, which directly form isocratic analysis systems and gradient analysis system. Its workstation can simutaneously control several sets of CH-LC-4000 high-pressure constant-current pumps, CH-LC-4000 UV detectors and constant-temperature column boxes, etc. to realize multiple high-pressure gradient washing, wavelength scanning and other functions.

This system is both intuitive and convinient to operate. Users can imput all of the control information through a small keyboard inside the instrument with the operation process displayed on the LCD screen even if it is not connected with a computer. It can also be connected with a computer to use the workstation software. Pure digital communications are used between the workstation and chromatography, reading second channel sampling data directly without any treatmen or signal distortion, thus ensures sampling precision and post-treatment without loss of data. Its sampling accuracy can amounts to 20 (0.1 seconds / time* 2 channels). 
Workstation can alter the wavelength, the pump flow rate, the deuterium lamp switch, hence users can stop the pump at any time or switch the steering pump valve to let components remain in the flow cell, and then automatically start the wavelength scanning to obtain a continuous spectrum of the components on different wavelengths. As the software is running in WINDOWS system with all the functions menulized, users feel easy to operate it without special training.

CH-LC-4000 high-pressure constant-current pump is a kind of reciprocating piston pump smartly controlled by microprocessor. It is featured with high working pressure, small pulse, high stablity and reliablity, easy to operate and so on. The pump's mechanical components are all designed with the aid of computer and its main parts are manufactured in the world processing center. Therefore, it has the features of highly accurate processing, good performance of pump seal, interchangeability of parts and so on.

Sapphire plunger rod applies floating-oriented structure and microprocessor-controlled micro-step drive circuit to make the the stepper motor of driving pump to run smoothly, in low noise and large speed adjustment range, which can meet the needs of conventional analysis to micro-flow analysis.

CH-LC-4000 high-pressure constant-current pump has the funciton of process monitoring. Its microprocessor can control flow and test infusion pressure in real time. In the case the pressure exceeds limitation, it can trigger alarm and automatically stop the pump from running. The overall structure of high-pressure constant-current pump adopts with modular design with both mechanical parts and circuit parts independent assembly and disassembly, so failure checking and displacement becomes very convinient.
Through RS485 interface, workstation can be used to control the running of up to four pumps and establish multi-gradient analysis system.

Basic Technical Parameters:
Flow range: 0.001 ~ 10mL/min
To regulate the flow by step of 0.001mL/min.
Flow precision: RSD ≤ 0.06%
Pressure fluctuation: ≤ 0.1 Mpa
(Flow: 1mL/min, Max. pressure: 45Mpa)  
pump seal pressure: 45MPa,
Time: 10min, pressure drop <0.5MPa.
Max. working pressure: 45MPa (0.001 ~ 9.999mL/min)
Dimensions: 450mm × 300mm × 160mm (length × width × height)

CH-LC-4000 UV detector
CH-LC-4000 UV detector applies a double-cone-hole parallelled flow cell with sample pool and reference pool under equivalent conditions. The design of cone hole helps the flow cell to increase light energy through holes and, significantly reduce static noise and signal drift. Its optical system adopts a precise positioning structure with high precision and slight drifting. Thermal isolation installation technology is applied on deuterium lamp and optical system to decrease the time spent on instrument stability and to minimize the impact of deuterium lamp’s heating ot light path system.
Its control circuit  uses multi-microprocessor structure to manage data acquisition, processing, system control and communications respectively. When using CH-LC-4000 UV detector for doing isocratic analysis, users can set parameters such as UV wavelength, filter constants, output range and running time, etc.  through LCD screen and the seven function keys as well as switch deuterium lamps, do spectral scanning, start analysis program, etc.

Basic Technical Parameters:
Wavelength range: 190 ~ 720nm   
Baseline noise: ≤ ± 0.25 × 10-5AU (empty pool)
Spectral Bandwidth: 8nm    
Baseline drift: ≤ 0.4 × 10-4 AU (empty pool)
Wavelength reading error ≤ ± 0.5nm   
Minimum detectable volume: 1 × 10-8g/mL (naphthalene methanol solution)
Wavelength repeatability > 0.2nm
Dimensions: 450mm × 300mm × 160mm (length × width × height)



CH-LC-4000 HPLC Software
CH-LC-4000 HPLC Instrument