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Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography
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Liquid Chromatography

Order Id: CH-LC-05
Categories: Chromatography  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 

Main Features:

Features of High-voltage Constant-current Pump
1. The whole body of the pump is made in Germany, applying high-quality special steel S316L commonly used internationally, and its two-pole seal ring and plunger gemstone rod are all provided by well-known U.S. professional suppliers;
2. Applying small cam-driven short trip technical route, the pump flow rate is very stable, which greatly reduces the impact from fluid pulsation on system errors; 
3. The stepper motor is made in Germany, adopting the most advanced stepper motor subdivision control technology to further ensure the precision and accuracy of instrument’s flow; 
4. The floating-oriented design of the plunger combined with imported high-quality plunger rod and seal rings greatly enhancing the stability and durability of the instrument. 
5. German manufactures used Italy’s special steel with fine lubrication technology to ensure the perfect presentment of cam curve both in theoretical design and practical operation and lengthen the service life of cam so as to ensure precision of liquid delivery; 
6. Using RS232 serial port communication technology, based on EC2000 chromatographic data control system to achieve modular multi-pump gradient control;
7. The host machine of pump has various functions, which can conduct real-time pressure measurement display. At the same time, it can give high and low pressure alarm, which is conducive to users’ real-time observation and daily maintenance of the equipment;
8. Three kinds of voltage unit conversion functions (MPa, psi, Bar) are consistent with different operators, humanistic menu design is good for operators’ usage;
9. The unique flow system error compensation can compensate set flow within ± 15%;
10. Using PC chip to control voltage sensor and drive circuit, so that the voltage can be of sensitive feedback in a timely manner, thus reducing voltage fluctuations brought by mechanical control technology.

Technical Parameters for High-voltage Constant-current Pump

Flow range

0.001mL/min-9.999mL/min   Step: 0.001mL/min

Flow accuracy

≤± 0.3%(1.000mL/min,8.5MPa, water, room temperature)

Flow stability

RSD≤ 0.1%(1.000mL/min,8.5MPa, water, room temperature)

Max. working pressure

40MPa(0.001mL/min-5.000mL/min); 20MPa(5.001mL/min-9.999mL/min)

Pressure accuracy

Displaying voltage error±3% or within 0.5MPa

Pressure pulsation


Power supply

AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption