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High Performance Liquid Chromatography - 2
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - 2
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High Performance Liquid Chromatography - 2

Order Id: CH-LC-03L
Categories: Chromatography  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 

Instrument Introduction
FL2200-II high performance liquid chromatograph which has good GLP management system, accurate PC,advanced structure and excellent performance will provide the optimum solution for your laboratory.

It includes one high pressure solvent delivery pump, one ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer detector, one manual or auto sampler,one  liquid chromatograph column,one reverse control or control chromatography workstation,and one column oven。It applies in QA/QC.,conventional material content analysis.
High Pressure Binary Gradient Liquid Chromatograph System
It includes dual high pressure solvent delivery pump(built-in binary gradient mixer), one ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer detector, one manual or auto sampler,one  liquid chromatograph column,one reverse control chromatography workstation,and one column oven。It applies to  the scientific research,chromatograph condition exploration, complex sample analysis, and  impurity examination etc.
Quaternary Low-pressure Gradient Liquid Chromatograph System
It includes one quaternary low-pressure binary solvent delivery pump, one ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer detector, one manual or auto sampler,one  liquid chromatograph column,one reverse control chromatography workstation,one column oven. It applies to  routine gradient analysis,various analysis method development and samples needing various solvent gradients.

• Double beam monochromator and dual lens flow cell  produce  superelevation sensitivity.

Using the D2 lamp and solar battery, double beam monochromator made up of 1200 /mm concave raster, and dual lens flow tank which is processed with precision ,;wavelength is adjusted by microprocessor with high accuracy.,24A/D of two-circuit high speed sampling. These components ensures the low noise of the detector, low drift ang high sensitivity ..
• Original  pressure feedback control system reduces the  dead volume of the system to the largest extent.
The adoption of advanced pressure feedback control system and abandonment of  pipeline mixer with bigger dead volume  not only reduce dead volume of the flow path greatly but also improve the stability of the pump flow due to the appliance of pressure feedback speed-change technology.
• Unique online clean function ensures the durability and easy maintenance of the instrument.
Function of unique online plunger rod clean can achieve automatic cleaning by setting the time procedure,which prevent plunger rod from fray resulting from the formation of buffer salt greatly and prevent the accumulation of little adsorbate on the pump head caused  in the process of flow .
• Building block type combination and  many kinds of models for separation and detection
Various separation examination pattern, isocratic separation pattern, gradient separation pattern, time flux procedure separation pattern, examination pattern of single wave length, examination pattern of stops flow wave length scanning and the examination pattern of  time wave length procedure.
• Super strong control function, intellectualized supervisory system, function of self-checking and self-adjustment ,etc
Super strong instrument control function ,which include the overall control from mobile phase management to output of chromatograph analysis data,ensures  the accuracy and reliability of analysis data.As long as the instrument is equipped with automatic sample and corresponding procedures are set,unattended LC analysis is achievable.


Analysis and Application
※ analysis and research of amino acid, multi-peptides and protein
※ analysis and research of Nucleic alkali, nucleoside,ribotide and nucleic acid analytical study  
※ research and  analysis  of  Biogenic amine

【Pharmacy Industry】
※ application of Commonly used medicine research  (analgesic-antipyretic,depressant, tranquilizer,cardiovascular medicine,sulphonamides antiphlogistic etc)  
※ application of steroid medicine research (adrenal cortex hormone、androgen, female hormone and progestogen etc)  
※ application of  antibiotic medicine research (penicillin,streptomycin,tetracycline,chloromycetin etc)
※ application of alkaloid,chiral medicine research
※ Traditional Chinese medicine fingerprint analysis※detection of Medicine component or medicine related material (paeoniflorin,ursolic acid,ofloxacin etc)

【Food Industry】
※ Carbohydrate isolation analysis (monosaccharide,oligosaccharide,polysaccharide etc)  
※ analysis  of organic acid and sour odor medicinal in food (coffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, coumarin etc)  
※ Vitamin in food analysis (VB1、VC、VA、VD、VE etc)  
※ Food additive analysis (benzoic acid,sorbic acid,BHA,saccharin sodium salt,pigment etc)  
※ detection of pollutant in food (flavacin,nitrosamine,sudan red,malachite green,melamine etc)  

【Environmental Protection】
※ detection of  polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and polychlorinated biphenyl in water and soil
※ detection of pesticide residue in water and soil (organic chlorine, organophosphorus, carbaminate etc)
※ detection of amines,flavacin, phenols in water and soil

【Industry of Fine Chemicals】
※Ethanol,ketone, aldehyde and etheric isolation analysis (propanediol, xylitol, aromatic alcohol,fragrant ether etc)※Acid, ester isolation analysis (phthalic acid ester, higher fatty acid etc)  
※Technical process monitoring (raw material, intermediate, complex etc)

【Education Scientific Research】
※Teaching demonstration,student test,scientific research

Technical Parameter

Flux range:0.001ml/min~
Each step increments:0.001ml
Setting flux error:0.1%
Flux repeatability error:0.1%
Gradient precision:≤1.5%
Max. discharge pressure:42Mpa

UV Detector
Wavelength range:190~700nm
Wavelength accuracy:±1nm
Wavelength repeatability:±0.2nm
Baseline noise:≤1×10-5AU
(wavelength 254nm、1ml/min、methanol)
Baseline drift:≤2×10-4AU
(wavelength 254nm、1ml/min、methanol)
Lowest limit of detection:≤0.4×10-8 g/ml
(wavelength 254nm、1ml/min、methanol、sample:10-7 naphthaline)
Spectral bandwidth:8nm
Flow cell volume:8μL
Optical length:10mm

Column oven
Temperature:RT+3℃~80℃,accuracy(±0.1℃),May install 2 chromatographic columns
Auto sampler
Repeatability:RSD<0.5%(all loop、section injection)
Biggest sample number:120 set 2ml 
sample Injection pump specification:100μL,250μL,1ml
Mode of motion:XYZ 3 dimension


Basic parameter
Dimension: 455×400 ×150「mm」(length×height×width)
Weight of the instrument :35Kg (isocratic,power:500W);50Kg (Gradient,power:700w)
Power:220V±22V   50HZ±0.5HZ


Service Support
High quality research and application team will reply your service demand promptly. Helping users to develop analysis method of chromatograph and spectrum is free of charge and sample test is also provided.