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Liquid Chromatography (equivalent degrees, HPLC system)
Liquid Chromatography (equivalent degrees, HPLC system)
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Liquid Chromatography (equivalent degrees, HPLC system)

Order Id: CH-LC-01
Categories: Chromatography  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 


Technical parameters:


1. Max. working pressure: 42MPa (0.001-10mL/min);

2. Flow range: (0.001-10ml/min) regulating every 0.0001ml/min;

High-efficiency liquid constant-current pump: Ss <0.2%, Sr <0.1%;

3. Flow accuracy:

Set accuracy ± 2%, within the flow rate of 2-5%, methanol / water volume ratio of 80:20 

Flow accuracy: RSD <0.5% (1mL/min) 

Flow stability: RSD <0.1% 

4. UV3000 UV detector: 

Noise <20uAU; drifting <80uAU 

Spectral Bandwidth: 6nm; optical path: 10mm 

Wavelength range: 170nm-620nm (deuterium lamp), 170nm-800nm (deuterium lamps plus tungsten lamp) 

Lamp source: deuterium lamp (standard configuration); tungsten lamp (replaceable) 

Wavelength accuracy ± 2nm 

Wavelength repeatability: 0.2nm

Scanning: stop scanning, programmable scan, namely, starting and ending point of the scan can be set

Scanning steps can be set 

Detection range: 0-2AU 

5. Baseline noise:

≤ 2.0X10-4AU / h dynamic, flow rate: 1ml/min, methanol / water = 80:20 

Wavelength: 254 

6. Baseline drifting:

 ≤ 1.5X10-4AU / h dynamic, flow rate 1ml/min, methanol / water = 80:20

Wavelength: 254 

Time constant 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10s 

Automatic zeroing, full scale, Min. test line: 0.4 × 10-8g/ml 

7. Workstation: 

Chromatographic working software


Main features and correlation parameter: 

High pressure analyses/semi-preparation pump
Perfusion way: Double-piston Pump, double plunger imbibing|
Displaying: the large LCD with 320X240 displays, blue backlight
System security: startup and stop in a low speed, free adjustment for the highest and the lowest pressure, automatically store the user’s data.
System connection: 1/8" pipeline connection
Control: Independent-- control model, through the front panel buttons to set all the parameters. When work under the high-pressure gradient model, there is a pump function as the main pump to control other
high pressure pumps in the same type and can also test and verify the gradient mode through the gradient profiles on the screen.
Common mode: Though RS232 to control the high pressure pumps.
Electrical source: 220V±10
UV3000UV/VIS detector
Control: Independent-- control model, through the front panel buttons to set all the parameters.
Common mode: Control the high pressure pumps Though RS232.
Display: The large LCD with 320X240 displays, the blue backlight can be adjusted.
Electrical source power: 220V±10%
Size and weight: 398X149X
267mmdepth X height X width, 14kg
GLP information: the overall time of the lamps, frequencies of the electric lights, the number of replacing lights and the serial number of the product and so on.