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Photoelectricity Direct Reading Spectrometer/ Stationary Metal Analyzer
Photoelectricity Direct Reading Spectrometer/ Stationary Metal Analyzer
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Photoelectricity Direct Reading Spectrometer/ Stationary Metal Analyzer

Order Id: DRS-TY-9510
Categories: Spectrum  Direct Reading Spectrometer 

Product Description:
It adopts the latest international technology, and uses computer to control high-energy excitation light source, set analysis conditions, photoelectric automatic receive, channel high-voltage, data acquisition and results processing. The instrument can automatically complete the establishment of working curves, the calculation of sample concentration and the analysis of test results and conduct sample analysis in about 30 seconds. It is featured with low limit of analytical detection, high accuracy, and high speed, stable and reliable operation. The product is used for material analysis and research in areas like metallurgy, casting and machinery.

Main technical parameters:
Detection matrix (multi-base): sample analysis of Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag and other alloys.
Analysis channel (multi-channel): can be expanded to 45 channels.
Analysis wave band (wide range): 200nm-650nm
Detection time (short): according to different sample types, generally less than 30 seconds.
Optical room (fine constant-temperature): 38 ℃ ± 0.2 ℃
Power supply: single-phase power of grounding protection. Voltage: 220VAC, Frequency: 50Hz, Service power: 1.8KVA
Environmental conditions: operating temperature: 10-30 ℃, Storage Temperature: 0-45 ℃, Humidity: ≤ 85%
Argon gas: purity: 99.999%

Main configurations and their characteristics:
1. The optical system adopts blazed holographic grating to improve the analytical precision of the instrument and detection sensitivity.
2. Constant-temperature device is installed in optical room and electronic system that can prevent the instrument from influence of environmental temperature fluctuation.
3. It adopts overall exit slit that has the advantages of quick, convenient and accurate correction of optical system, and it is more convenient for users to add analysis channels.
4. One-way discharge, high-energy pre-spark technology, adjustable discharge parameters and computer control;
5. By operating the software it can automatically complete tracing. Through curve displaying, users can read the peak position directly and accurately. The precision is within ± 5um.
6. The software is featured with full functions, simple operation and reliable running, all-English interface. Through the working curves pre-made by the instrument, users can analyze the elements and their content of prepared sample accurately and quickly.