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Vibration Microtome
Vibration Microtome
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Vibration Microtome

Order Id: SF-400
Categories: Histopathology  Vibrating Microtomes 

Product Description:
The machine is developed based on users' feedback and advanced technology. It is widely used for bio-physiology research, teaching, scientific research institutions and so on. It is specially designed to slice fresh animal and plant specimens or those after a fixed processing without freezing and embedded of the specimens. Therefore, samples can maintain its vitality and good shape without ice crystal damage. This instrument provides good conditions for "Immunocyto chemistry" and "spinal cord and brain slice studies of neurobiology" provides, thus is the most desirable rapid sample prepare microtome of experimental system in the fields like contemporary electron microscopy, anatomy, Histology and Embryology, physiology, biology, scientific research, etc.  
After the use of relevant institutions and research departments, this instrument is applicable for slicing fixed brain and spinal cord and other tissues with the thinnest piece up to 10μm; fresh brain, heart, kidney and so on, up to 30μm. It is featured with complete slice, smooth surface and uniform dyeing.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Slice speed: 0-1.3mm / s (stepless speed regulation)
2. Vibration amplitude: 0-1mm (adjustable)
3. Lift range of sample table: 9mm
4. Slight adjustment of slice thickness: 1μm (minimum)
5. Slice thickness> 10μm
6. Slice knife angle: 15 °
7. Dimension: 400x220x300mm
8. Weight: 12kg