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Tissue Embedding & Cooling System
Tissue Embedding & Cooling System
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Tissue Embedding & Cooling System

Order Id: SF-BM-BL
Categories: Histopathology  Tissue Embedding Center 

1. Computer automatic program control that can preset any boot or shutdown time within a day or a week;
2. Adopting advanced micro-processing controller for temperature control technology from the United States, and uses LED for temperature display, with the work status intuitive;
3. Paraffin cylinders, paraffin mouth, left and right saving box and working table work independently;
4. Advanced flexible heating method, which overcome the traditional shortcomings of excessive heating temperature, quick heating and high precision, as well as double overheat protection, safe, reliable and energy saving;
5. With memory and automatic recovery functions, automatically keep the preset temperature after running;
6. Split design, free combination of embedded center and freezing table;
7. Low-voltage lighting system, safe and reliable;
8. The heating of working table and storage units facilitate tissue embedding;
9. Using granite work station of a large area to facilitate the cleaning of paraffin.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Adopt international advanced heating concepts, which prevent paraffin from retraction when the temperature exceeds 70℃, and avoid damage to tissue sample;
2. Temperature range of tweezers saving unit: 55 ~ 70 ℃
3. Temperature range of paraffin melting cylinder: 55 ~ 70 ℃
4. Temperature range of working table: 55 ~ 70 ℃
5. Temperature control range of working table: 55 ~ 70 ℃
6. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1%;
7. Time presetting: can set the time for boot and shutdown within a week;
8. Power supply voltage: 200VAC 50Hz
9. Power: 800W
10. Dimension: 550 × 500 × 360mm (KD-BM) 345x500x360mm (KD-BL)
11. Weight: 28 Kg (KD-BM), 25kg (KD-BL)
12. Working mode of paraffin flowing: automatic soft-touch switch, foot-operation switch control;
13. Freezing table temperature: room temperature ~ -20 ℃