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Biological Tissue Processing Dyeing Machine (computer automatic)
Biological Tissue Processing Dyeing Machine (computer automatic)
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Biological Tissue Processing Dyeing Machine (computer automatic)

Order Id: SF-RS1
Categories: Histopathology  Tissue Process System 

1. Imported components, smooth running, easy operation and ergonomic design;
2. Intelligent design, wide touch-screen LCD interface; rich man-machine dialogue to automatically handle failure, which makes sure that tips prompt at every step of the operation (on-line assistance);
3. Boot at a fixed time and automatically calculate the completion time, which facilitates the completion of work at an allowed time;
4. Can store no less than 10 sets of programmable control procedures, and allows online check;
5. 36 sets of infusion procedures can be set, with the function of misuse alerts;
6. Environmental-friendly inner circulation air purification system that can absorb remove and disassemble toxic and harmful gases in the air;
7. It has 18processing cylinders, with the ninth one cleaning cylinder and the first drying cylinder;
8. 0-60S adjustable leachate and shaking time to reduce the accidents of tissue blow-by and dirt on the working table as well as extend medicine using time;
9. On-line display of running status and analog display animated graphics simultaneously makes your operation intuitive.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Hydraulic cylinder numbers: 18 (the ninth as the cleaning cylinder and the first drying cylinder)
2. Cylinder Capacity: 1000ml (ordinary ones); 2000ml (large ones)
3. The quantity of processing dyeing: 40 (ordinary ones); 80 (large ones)
4. Processing time of a single cylinder: can be set freely within 0 ~ 59 minutes
5. Retaining time of cylinder replacing: 0-60S adjustable (jitter at the top)
6. Power supply voltage: AC220V / 50HZ; AC110V / 60HZ
7. Power: 1000 VA
8. Dimension: 1350 × 450 × 400 mm
9. Weight: 88kg