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Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Intelligent Touch Screen)
Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Intelligent Touch Screen)
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Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Intelligent Touch Screen)

Order Id: SF-TS3D1
Categories: Histopathology  Tissue Process System 

1. The surface of the machine is coated with APS plastic, which is of high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth lines and elegant appearance, easy to clean; Adopting imported components, runs smooth, no noise, and ergonomic design.
2. It has 20 sets of programmable procedures, large LCD display in English interface, intelligent touch operating system, and man-machine dialogue interface to ensure that every step is prompted (on-line assistant).
3. All intelligent design, automatically judge and handle abnormalities in time; operating status display, animated graphics and picture simultaneously displayed making your operation intuitive;
4. Environment-friendly inner circulating air purification system that can absorb, remove, decompose poisonous gases inside the machine; using gas efflux device that is of good sealing and can effectively improve working environment;
5. Can freely set the time for starting, and the machine can automatically calculate the completion time to ensure that work can be done in a required time;
6. With 10-90S adjustable Leachate residence time, leachate and shaking liquid on the surface of cylinder to reduce tissue leaking and dirt on working table as well as extend the using time of solution;
7. 0-6 times / min adjustable mixing times (0 refers to no stirring), to ensure that more thorough and uniform immersion of all the tissues;
8. No. 1-7 power-off protection cylinder can be set according to users’ requirements;
9. Automatic control of the fan, open when top half casing while open for 10S per minute when lower casing;
10. Automatic control of lamp, open when programming, touch any key to delay for 2 minutes when running;
11. Inner heating control system without water, high precision; automatically determine heating time, energy saving.
12. Low power consumption control circuit with power-off protection; display screen can be lit in case of blackouts, and rolling screen prompts blackouts protection, the operation time can last more than 30 hours after blackout;
13. Manual operation can be done simultaneously with automatic running, which facilitates users’ check or tissue adding;
14. Can complete the dehydration of not less than 150 tissues at one time.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Hydraulic cylinder number: 12 (9 Pharmacy cylinders, the first, eleventh and twelfth are paraffin cylinders);
2. Capacity of cylinder: 2000ml;
3. Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 900℃;
4. Temperature control accuracy: ± 10℃;
5. Processing time of a single cylinder: the first can be set within 0 to 99 hours;
the second can be set within   0 to 24 hours;
6. Leachate residence time of cylinder replacement: 10s ~ 90s, and leachate and shaking liquid on the surface of the cylinder
7. Mixing: 0 ~ 6 times / min adjustable;
8. Biological tissue protection cylinder: No. 1 ~ 7-cylinder can be set arbitrarily;
9. Power supply voltage: AC220V/50HZ; AC110V/60HZ
10. Power: 1000 VA;
11. Dimension: 1135 × 480 × 490 mm;
12. Weight: 88kg;