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Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Double core barrels and environment-friendly)
Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Double core barrels and environment-friendly)
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Computer Automatic Tissue Processor (Double core barrels and environment-friendly)

Order Id: SF-TS3C
Categories: Histopathology  Tissue Process System 

1. The unique exterior design: the clamshell doors, pneumatic rod support; wide viewing window; with 126 bright LED for lighting, high efficiency, wide range, long life, safe and reliable.
2. Large-screen LCD, Chinese menu, simple operation, showing detailed information;
3. The unique single and double core barrel operation modes can run in three modes: single core barrel operation mode, two core barrels simultaneously running mode, single core barrel shifting to double core barrels running mode;
4. With the method of electromagnetic absorption for shifting cover (barrel), generates strong magnetic power (up to 15Kgf) to adsorb cylinder cover and core barrels, reliable and stable;
5. Adopting the way of separate heating and temperature control for the four paraffin cylinders; 24V DC heating tube, temperature sensor inside the paraffin cylinder with high heating efficiency and precision of temperature control;
6. The fourteen cylinders are all calibrated, which facilitates liquid change and compensation;
7. Blackout protection, the machine can automatically convert, DC power supply, may continue to work, so that samples are prevented from damage;
8. Environment-friendly sealed inner circulation air purification equipment to completely eliminate the volatilization of weak gases, thus ensure a healthy environment for users;

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Hydraulic cylinder number: 14 (1 preparing cylinder, 9 hydraulic cylinders and 4 paraffin cylinder)
2. Capacity for a single cylinder: 1800ml
3. Lid-take-off way mode: electronic absorption
4. Running program: in automatic mode can change running programs without resetting to facilitate users;
5. Processing time of a single cylinder: each can be set within 0 to 99 hours and 59 minutes;
6. Boot delay time: free set within one year;
7. Jitter cylinder number: free set within 1 ~ 59 minutes
8. Shaking times of cylinder replacement leachate: 2
9. Residence time for cylinders replacement: 5 seconds (to achieve the best results, the shorter the better, to prevent sample drying)
10. Input voltage: AC220V, ± 10%
11. Frequency: 50 ± 1 HZ
12. Power: <600 W
13. Dimension: 1220 × 420 × 500 mm