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Freezing and Paraffin Microtome
Freezing and Paraffin Microtome
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Freezing and Paraffin Microtome

Order Id: SE-3368-VI
Categories: Histopathology  Freezing microtome  Automatic Microtome 

Product Description:
This machine is composed of computer microtome and fast freezing system. Its freezing system adopts high-power thermoelectric refrigeration principles, advanced nano-materials and intelligent liquid crystal display, which has a variety of functions such as temperature setting and displaying, automatic constant-temperature controlling, automatic protection system (alarm) as well as automatic frost. By applying internationally advanced design concepts and modern technology required by histopathology, this machine can provide better safety performance, ergonomic design and structure that is easy to clean. Its main components are all imported, which enables this microtome the most advanced technical products and the perfect combination of electronic and mechanical. 

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Slice thickness range: 0 ~ 100μm 
2. Repair thickness range: 0 ~ 100μm 
3. Slice thickness adjustment: 0 ~ 10μm increment 1μm
10 ~ 20μm increment 2μm 
20 ~ 100μm increment 5μm
4. Sample horizontal displacement: 26mm 
5. Sample vertical displacement: 60mm 
6. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 1μm 
7. Slice accuracy: ± 10% 
8. Sample retraction: 20μm 
9. Preset temperature: room temperature - -55 ℃ 
10. Maximum temperature difference of freezing table: ≥ 60 ℃ 
11. Maximum temperature difference of cold knives: ≥ 50 ℃ 
12. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 1μm 
13. Maximum area of paraffin sectioning: 50 × 50 mm 
14. Maximum area of freezing table: 45 × 35mm 
15. Sectioning accuracy: ± 10% 
16. Cold knife and freezing table have all-English display of preset temperature and real-time temperature 
17. Cold knives and slicer forms into a 60 ° angle, easy to slice and patch 
18. Defrost temperature display, automatic recovery of freezing after defrosting
19. With  the function of memory and automatic recovery to automatically  keep the preset temperature after running
20. 4-7 minutes cooling can help it reach the slice temperature
21. Rapid cooling system with energy saving 
22. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz, AC110V 60Hz 
23. Power: 50VA (SE-3368-VI), 300VA (KD-Ⅵ) 
24. Dimension: 580 × 330 × 310mm (SE-3368-VI), 420 × 190 × 410mm (KD-Ⅵ) 
25. Weight: 28kg (SE-3368-VI), 8kg (KD-Ⅵ)